Our Top 10 Best Sugar Free Candy

Our Top 10 Best Sugar Free Candy

Just because you require no sugar doesn't mean you can't have it all! The world of candy has come a long way in making sugar-free candies just as good as the originals.

Our sugar-free candy will allow you to experience all sorts of thrilling deliciousness. You'll be more than sweetly satisfied!

Sink your teeth into a juicy piece of bubblegum, chew your way through the old-fashioned taste of licorice or indulge in the decadent taste of chocolate.

We all deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while, you might as well make it irresistible!

Here are our top 10 best sugar-free candies...

#1. Reese's Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures

Reese's Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures

Have an exquisite taste of pure deliciousness with Reese's Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cups Miniature.

It's time to get excited! This classic treat contains 20 percent fewer calories than the original and is made with no sugar.

You can happily sink your teeth into a cup of pure bliss! You'll first meet a rich-tasting cup of milk chocolate with a tender middle of a peanut butter filling.

These chocolates come individually wrapped so you can maintain the freshness and share some with your bestie.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have been loved and adored since 1928. They're old-fashioned but, somehow, never go out of style!

#2. Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum, Sugar Free Gum

Experience your carefree youth chewing wads of luscious, pink bubblegum and blowing the most gigantic bubbles possible with Dubble Bubble Sugar-Free Bubble Gum.

This gum has been the bubblegum of choice for decades. We've been excitedly chewing it since 1928. It's filled with that happy aroma of bubblegum, a juicy flavour and the possibility of giant bubbles.

This sugar-free bubblegum contains all that classic Dubble Bubble, long-lasting flavour and most importantly, you can still blow those impressive bubbles. We can trust you won't be sticking it under any desks or restaurant tables, right?

Comes individually wrapped, ensuring a fresh and flavourful chew every time!

#3. Werther's Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies

Werther's Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

Indulge your tastebuds with the golden taste of Werther's Original Sugar-Free Caramel Hard Candies.

You'll be impressed as you unwrap this hard candy. Made with real butter and fresh cream, offering you a velvety and decadent caramel candy.

The aroma of caramel will certainly make your mouth water. As you taste that golden and deep caramel flavour, you'll be mesmerized by such a rich and delicious flavour.

This old-fashioned candy has been happily enjoyed since 1909. Werther's Original is made with the highest quality ingredients ensuring satisfaction in every golden candy!

#4. Taffy Town Assorted Lite Sugar-Free Taffy

Taffy Town Assorted Lite Sugar-Free Taffy, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

Sail away with the light and airy taste of Taffy Town Assorted Lite Sugar-Free Taffy.

This saltwater taffy, we're sure, is made with some sort of magic! It's super tender, delicious and soft and has the ultimate chewy texture.

Unwrapping this taffy candy will be a thing of mouthwatering joy! This bag from Taffy Town comes in a variety of tantalizing flavours like Rasberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla and Strawberry.

We've been delighting in Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy since its sweet inception in 1916. Devoured for decades, there's a timeless taste to this delectable-tasting taffy!

#5. Hershey's Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy

Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

Allow yourself to become fully immersed in the classic taste of Hershey's Chocolate. The incredible taste of Hershey's Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy will have you reeling at its decadent taste!

This bag comes with individually wrapped chocolates, making them convenient to eat anytime! Treat yourself after dinner, or bring them along on a road trip. These are perfect for sharing with family and friends and are definitely always sweetly satisfying!

Coming in at only 35 calories per miniature bar, its taste is unbeatable!

Hershey's Chocolate is a favourite among many. It's been loved since 1900 and is reached for on a daily basis. A favourite of many, dubbed "The Great American Chocolate Bar," should simply not be missed!

#6. Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Sugar-Free Candy

Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Sugar Free Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

You'll never have to miss out on the classic taste of red licorice again with the Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Sugar-Free Candy!

It's long and luscious and filled with that sensational strawberry flavour. Every piece is made with a soft and tender feel, and every bite will be deliciously chewy!

This Twizzlers Licorice is perfect when that sweet tooth comes calling! Great for an after-dinner treat or on-the-go travel. Perfect in the warmer weather and ideal for sharing with family and friends!

Twizzlers have been thrilling us with that famous twist since 1929! This licorice is a classic candy and will more than delight you!

#7. Chick-O-Stick Sugar-Free

Chick-O-Stick Sugar Free, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

This retro candy has been loved since the 1950s. The Chick-O-Stick Sugar-Free candy is made with an ideal crunchy texture and pure deliciousness! These hard candies are individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and making them easy for sharing.

The scent is alluring, and opening these up will certainly get your juices flowing! Made with a robust taste of roasted peanuts and coconut. These candies have a one-of-a-kind flaky quality to them. They're hard candy, but biting them is possible, and you won't break a tooth in the process!

The crunch is incredible, and the taste is fantastic!

#8. Valor Milk Chocolate With Almonds Sugar-Free

Valor Milk Chocolate with Almonds Sugar Free, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

Treat yourself to the decadent taste of Valor Milk Chocolate With Almonds Sugar-Free.

Every bite is rich and heavenly tasting. The milk chocolate is velvety and creamy, and the almonds provide you with a perfect and satisfying crunch.

Made in Spain and enjoyed since 1881, this sugar-free chocolate is of gourmet quality and is only made with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

As you unwrap this delicious chocolate bar, its enticing scent will fill you with the incredible aroma of milk chocolate. Each taste is balanced with the velvety, creamy chocolate texture and that almond crunch.

#9. Too Tarts Sugar-Free Spray Candy

Too Tarts Sugar Free Spray Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

Eat candy like you're a kid again with the Too Tarts Sugar-Free Spray Candy.

This innovative candy is made in a variety of fruity flavours. Even though it's a sugar-free candy, you would never know the difference.

Take it with you everywhere! Small and compact, you could carry this in your pocket -- it's a convenient candy. Just open wide and give yourself a sweet spray when that craving strikes!

Let the fun begin with this delicious-tasting candy spray!

#10. Kerr's Light Chocolate Mints No Sugar Added

Kerr's Light Chocolate Mints No Sugar Added, Sugar Free, Sugar Free Candy, Best Sugar Free Candy

Enjoy a delightful taste of both chocolate and mint with Kerr's Light Chocolate Mints No Sugar Added.

You'll be sweetly revitalized with these hard candies. They come individually wrapped and are convenient for sharing or when your on-the-go.

Made with a hard candy shell of mint and a soft middle. Crunch them if you can't wait for that chocolate core, or savour them slowly, and the chocolate will so delicately disperse in your mouth.

Kerr's Candy is a Canadian candy that has been delighting our tastebuds since 1895. This old-fashioned candy can often be found as a welcoming treat at banks, doctor's offices, and, let's be honest, your grandmother's crystal candy dish!

Nothing compares to the classic taste of chocolate and mint. It's refreshing and is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

We know we've got a few of these in our candy stash! 

Indulge in our sugar-free candy for a completely guilt-free experience! Please tell us which candies you've tried and what sugar-free candy has your mouth watering.

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