Now & Later? More Like Now & Now!

Now & Later? More Like Now & Now!

As a Candy Connoisseur it is my job to explore candies of all kind, and with the vast variety of treats and sweets available at the Candy Funhouse I often come across something I've never tried before.

Today for example I had my first Now & Later Fruit Chews experience, a classic retro candy. One of the first things I immediately noticed was the quality -- it melts so easily once it's in your mouth and is the perfect amount of chewy without being overly sticky, indicating to me that high quality ingredients were used. Although initially a hard candy, once moistened in your mouth quickly becomes like edible bubble gum and makes for an enjoyable snack that makes whatever you're doing a little sweeter.

Now & Later Long Lasting Chews are a taffy-like candy sold in squares that are individually wrapped in paper, which were invented and marketed as a way to get the consumers to buy some to eat now, wrap up the rest and eat it later (hence the name).  Eventually, their slogan went from "Eat some now, Save some for later" to  "Hard 'N Fruity Now and Soft 'N Chewy Later" - if you ask me that makes more sense because once I started to eat some, I didn't see me saving any for later - ate the whole thing in one shot. The pack came with 18 pieces, divided into 3 groups of 6, each with a different flavor. They included Cherry, Blue Rasberry and Strawberry and were made to be softer than the original recipe. I normally don't prefer taffy due to how difficult it is to eat, but Now & Laters have hands down become my new favourite taffy and has made eating it an enjoyable experience.

So when it’s time to focus, just pass some time or just want to keep your mouth busy, Now & Laters have the iCandy seal of approval. This tart taffy treat has the longest lasting flavour and the longest lasting chew, smooth, juicy and full of flavor, just like you!
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Candy Funhouse - Now & Later

- iCandy

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