New year = new candy!

New year = new candy!

Let's start the year off right! Did you forget to send a special gift for someone on Christmas? We hear you, and we got you covered! At Candy Funhouse, we believe it’s never too late to send a candy gift.

Call it a “New Years Gift” – candy is perfect to cheer someone up and really, what a great way to start the new year!

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For those who are going back to school after the Holidays, or back to work, there is a great way to feel good about it all: CANDY!


New Year = New Candy

Be the hero that goes back to work or school by bringing in the new stuff. You know, the sweet and crunchy treats that nobody’s seen or heard of before, but everyone wants! You’ll be the popular one with these candies when you get your online candy delivered by Candy Funhouse!


Sour Punch Apple Straws

You know the brand, and this apple-flavoured one is addictively good! Get the apple flavoured and the grape straws too, just in case you want to share with your co-workers.


Lindt Lindor Neapolitan Limited Edition

Now we KNOW you like Lindor, and you probably didn’t have enough of them through the winter, so now’s your chance to try this limited edition neapolitan-inspired flavour of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Bite sized, melt-in-your mouth indulgence that’ll make you think twice about sharing with others. Check ‘em out!


Cookie Pop OREO Popcorn

Say, what?? These limited-time-only snacks are something else, and you MUST try them! Yummy popcorn that is drizzled with a light vanilla coating and OREO cookie crumbles = Irresistible!


SweetTARTS Ropes Watermelon Berry Collision

If there is a flavour Candy Funhouse gets ordered a LOT of, it’s gotta be watermelon! These ropes are soft and chewy with a fruity flavour and soft texture that is addicting. Eating just one of them is enough to cheer anyone up – and have them asking for more!


Reese’s Snack Cake

WHOA, this one is new, delicious, super good, and you can't miss it!! You just can’t be expected to go back to work and just sit there snack-less, right? These are a first for Reese’s and at Candy Funhouse we think they’ve won the battle of the munchies with it! Perfect to satisfy that mid-morning snack craving – whether at work or at home.



Especially sweet gifts for those you forgot!

Did you forget to get a gift for someone at work? Are you seeing a teacher for the first time in a long time? If there’s someone you forgot to gift for, try one of these new candy releases that are sweet and a gift all rolled into one. We got Star Wars themed candy, crunchy treats, even popcorn and gift sets.

Click [HERE] to see all our new candy collection you can order online!

A new year is a good thing: A brand new start and a blank slate for making good things happen – and it’s all better with candy by your side! Don’t you deserve a special treat? Something that’s just for you to enjoy? Go for it, order your candy online from Candy Funhouse now and let’s have you enjoy the new year in sweet sweet style!

PS: Don’t forget to order your candy online for Valentine’s Day now too!

Which new candy are you looking forward to trying? Post your comments below:

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