My First Time-Atomic FireBall

My First Time-Atomic FireBall

My First Time trying an Atomic FireBall Candy

Atomic FireBall - A Classic Retro Candy

Someone once gave me an Atomic Fireball, I was hooked.
Sweet at first, pleasant, but I wanted more.
Then from out of nowhere, my mouth was bursting into a harmonious hot rush.
tongue was engulfed in flames, I could not stay still.
The thrill of this heat reached every cell of me - made me sweat.
The harder I sucked, the more I wanted, needed.
In the end, this little red candy gave me such sweet pleasure.
I can't wait 'til I eat the next one - what a rush!

Atomic FireBalls

Created by Ferrara Candy Company in 1954.

In 1954, Nello Ferrara invented this little cinnamon-flavoured hard candy, that is still being enjoyed today. These little long lasting candies are made with something known as the hot panned process, totaling a whole two weeks, resulting in at least one hundred layers of its tantalizing burning sensation.  Capsicum, also found in hot chili peppers, is the potent active ingredient in these flaming hot Fireballs, giving them the stinging spice people crave.

Upon further investigation of these spicy devils, we discovered that the company from which they originate, the Ferrara Candy Company, is a company founded by three Italian men, Salvatore Ferrara, Salvatore Buffardi, and Anello Pagano in 1908, based in the outskirts of Chicago.  This is interesting since my 84-year-old Nonno, (or grandfather for those lacking an Italian background), an old-school Italian at heart with no taste for any other candy, has fallen completely and deeply in love with these small hot red balls, like the three famous men before him.  To this day, the company is still owned by descendants of these three original Italian families.

Monster eating Atomic Fire Ball Candy

Clearly, these are a favourite of many, young and old alike, and we are proud to supply everyone with the joy of eating these spicy sweets, here at Candy Funhouse!

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