Loot Bags And Party Favours For Your Event

Loot Bags And Party Favours For Your Event

Whether you are putting together a goodie bag for a wedding or a birthday, you can never go wrong with custom loot bags full of candies and chocolates, thanks to the AMAZING amount of online candy for sale at Candy Funhouse! These personalized party favours are an incredible way to send your guests home with a thoughtful gift so they can always remember your special occasion. 

One of the most popular loot bag ideas is delicious, candy party favours. Filled with a delectable and fresh candy, the loot bags are perfect for commemorating any special event. 

Sweet loot bags can enhance any social gathering by making sure your guests take home happy memories of the event which could be anything from an Oscar’s Party, to a Super Bowl Party, to watching your favourite Michael Bay Transformers movie, for example. Here are some more special occasions where you can offer candy-filled loot bags to your guests as a party favour:

  • Bridal showers (Watch out for a guest like Megan from Bridesmaids! Someone like that may snag all of your goodies!)
  • Weddings - Guests love having a delicious take-away!
  • Baby showers - There are lots of memorable candies that have coloured themes, whether you choose blue, pink, yellow, or purple!
  • Dinner parties - Why not send your guests home with a loot bag of their favourite chocolate or licorice as an after-party treat?
  • Birthday parties 
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette parties 
  • Graduation parties 
  • Holiday parties 
  • Retirement parties - Imagine a retro-themed candy loot bag... how fun!
  • Sunday brunches 
  • Garden parties 
  • Baptisms 
  • Bar & Bat-Mitzvahs 

The best way to make sure your party favours leave a lasting impression is by making them theme-based. Read on to learn more about Candy Funhouse's best-selling loot bags!

Customized Birthday Party Loot Bags 

No birthday party is complete without lots (and lots) of candy! If you are throwing a pink-coloured themed party, consider adding pink candy to the loot bags. From Albert's Colour Splash Lollipops in Pearl Baby Pink Strawberry to BonBons Cherry. The sky's the limit!

You can choose from different varieties of candies in several colours, like purple, orange, yellow, white, blue, red, green, or pink to create colourful eye-catching party favours.

Decadent Office Party Loot Bags 

Tired of boring office parties and want to make yours a bit more fun? For an office holiday party, you can add premium chocolates and cookies to the loot bags, such as Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds, Royale Cigars Gift Box, Poker Chips Premium Chocolate, and Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread

If you really want to take it up a notch, consider gourmet fudge candies that will make for some truly unforgettable loot bags!

Stylish Happy New Year Loot Bags

You can also use mouthwatering loot bags as an elegant party favour for your New Year celebration. You can decorate your table with classy loot bags that fit a New Year’s theme.

You may also set a gold scene at your table with loot bags containing gold gumballs and sixlets gold, and decorate them with gold-coloured ribbons.

Hot and Spicy Candy Loot Bags 

Beware! These hot and spicy loot bags are not for the faint-hearted! If you consider yourself – and your guests – a connoisseur of everything spicy, this is the party favour you’ve been looking for. These premade loot bags contain a combination of snacks with the flavours of sugar and spice, and everything nice! 

Groovy Retro Candy Loot Bags 

Ever felt you were born in the wrong era? Transport yourself back to the time of disco, bell-bottoms, and Michael Jackson with some retro candy loot bags! You can do these as party favours for your retro-themed party and show your guests how fun the ’70s actually were!

Consider making it a costume party to really have a blast, complete with strobe lights, disco balls, and some Donna Summer tunes. 

Festive Christmas Loot Bags 

‘Tis the season to be jolly and nothing spells joy more than beautifully crafted loot bags full of candy! This time of the year is equally fun for both kids and adults. With everybody looking forward to your Christmas party, you can make it the talk of the town with these Christmas-themed candies and cookies. 

From peppermint and pumpkin-flavoured candies to gingerbread cookies, Christmas loot bags are little bags of love that are sure to entice people of all ages.

christmas candy funhouse

Candy FunHouse Presents Sweet Loot Bags to Suit All Budgets

Whether you are organizing a small, intimate party or a larger event, Candy Funhouse's tailor-made candy party favours work for every budget, no matter how small or big. And here’s the best part. You don’t have to toil away for hours or days to come up with special loot bags for your guests – Candy Funhouse will do all that work for you!

Depending on the type of event, Candy Funhouse will create special candy-based mementos for you and your guests, to make sure everybody goes home happy and grateful for the wonderful treats you’ve gifted them.

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