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How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt in 7 Easy Steps

How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt 

Ah, the magical time of year when the sun begins to shine, flowers bloom, and the sweet smell of chocolate fills the air!

That's right; it's time for the annual egg hunt! But it's not just about the thrill of the search. No, it's about so much more. It's about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The laughter, the joy, the playful competition - these are the moments that will stay with you forever.

So, let's all hop to it and break down how to do an egg hunt! 

1. Determine Location

Decide what location you would like to host your Easter egg hunt. Consider who will be attending and when the egg hunt should take place. Also, consider the size of the location and whether it is indoors or outdoors. Make sure the location is appropriate for the age group of the participants.

Additionally, think about the weather and if it will be a hindrance to the egg hunt. Finally, make sure the location has enough space for all the participants.

2. Get Your Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt Kit

This fantastic ready-to-go Candy Funhouse Easter Egg Hunt Kit comes with 20 plastic eggs that are already filled with a variety of delicious Easter candy, fun toys, and other treats. All you have to do is hide the eggs and let the kids have a blast searching for them!

No need to worry about what to put inside the eggs - it's already done for you! Our ready-to-go Easter Egg Hunt Kit makes organizing an egg hunt super easy and stress-free.

* The recommended amount of eggs to use during an egg hunt is approx a dozen eggs per guest in the egg hunt

3. Plan The Hiding Spots and Hide The Eggs

Using our Hunt Kit, there are 20 eggs included. It is important to take note of this and determine 20 different locations to hide the chocolate eggs. Depending on the ages of the players, the difficulty level of the hiding spots can be adjusted accordingly.

Another critical decision to make is whether the hunt should be held outdoors or indoors. If the hunt is held outdoors, then areas such as the backyard, garden, and nearby park can be used. If the hunt is held indoors, then rooms such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are suitable.

Be sure to think carefully about the environment and the difficulty level of the hiding spots to make the hunt enjoyable for everyone.

Outdoor Hiding Spots 

  • Tucked inside objects, plants
  • Open lawn 
  • Cushions of chairs 
  • Mailbox
  • Flowerbed 
  • Below tables
  • Appliances (BBQ)
  • Under stairs 

Indoor Hiding Spots 

  • Tucked inside of objects, plants
  • Appliances (Fridge, Dishwasher)
  • Bookshelf 
  • Dining Chairs
  • Behind curtains 
  • With toys 
  • Toilet paper holder 
  • Coffee table 

Older kids still enjoy Easter egg hunts, remember to cater your hiding spots to the age groups!

4. Create Clues (Optional)

Now, this step is optional as it requires more thinking and work. You can create your own riddles and hints to lead your players to the hidden egg. For example, if hiding an egg in the fridge, your hint could be “something in your kitchen that keeps food cold.” Depending on the age of the players, you may want your clues to range on their difficulty scale. 

Check out these links for some Easter egg hunt ideas that you can print off! 

46 riddles for an indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt

40 Printable Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Kids

23 Best Easter Egg Hunt Clues Everyone Is Bound To Love

For an extra element you can add a golden egg (special prize) to be found with your clues!

5. Prepare Baskets 

An egg hunt is only complete with a basket to carry them in! You can find Easter baskets or bags at Walmart, Amazon, and any local Dollarama!

If you're feeling extra creative you could even create an Easter Basket made out of candy boxes!

6. Set Rules

Decide how you would like your egg scavenger hunt to go. What rules are best suited for the players? 

Some quick and easy rules could be: 

  • No hoarding all the eggs; remember to share!
  • The first one to collect (number of eggs) wins a prize! 

7. Have Fun!

Finally, remember to have fun! After all is said and done, this is a unique game where you get to create sweet memories and traditions with your friends, family, and children ❤️

Tips for a Successful Easter Egg Hunt  

Remember where you hid the eggs: The hunt only ends once all the eggs are found! Keep track of all your hiding spots (move the eggs around if people can’t find them). 

Add extra decorations: Make the experience come full circle with some seasonal Easter decorations to get everyone excited for the hunt!

Ready, Set, Hunt! 

Enjoy your egg hunt and the treats inside the eggs! We hope that you find this guide helpful and full of easy steps for a easter egg hunt!

Have a Happy Easter 🐣

We can't wait to celebrate Easter with you again next year!

See all of the hoppy treats that Candy Funhouse carries for Easter Candy Canada! 

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