The Must-Have Green Candies for St. Patrick's Day

The Must-Have Green Candies for St. Patrick's Day

Are you feeling lucky?

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is lucky, everyone is Irish, and everyone is feeling jolly and festive! So as you plan out your huge party to celebrate, don’t forget to add some sweet treats to your shopping list to fill your guests with a little Irish glee—the greener the candy, the better. You’ll leave your party-going guests feeling like lucky leprechauns that have just found their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But where do you begin? Well, you don’t need the luck of the Irish to impress your guests with a super fun variety of green candies. Our candy connoisseurs and fun-gineers put together this list of the best green candies for St. Patrick’s Day. Take a gander, lads and lasses:

Airheads Taffy

Let’s throw it back to the greatest candy of the ‘80s – Airheads Taffy. These tangy taffy candies were just as popular as the decade’s big hair, parachute pants, and fanny packs. Anyone who takes a bite out of an Airhead will definitely have a little trip down memory lane. Plus, when it comes to selecting something green and gleeful, you can choose from flavours such as watermelon or green Apple. Brilliant!

Albert’s Colour Splash Green Lollipops

If you want to make a splash, look no further than Albert’s Green Mini Unicorn Lollipops. Not only do they have a fun twisty shape and long-lasting taste, but the flavour is surprising too! It’s not watermelon or green apple, like you might expect from a green candy… they’re kiwi flavoured! This candy is perfect for mixing things up, while keeping to the St. Paddy’s Day theme.

Green Jelly Bellys

Are you into jelly beans? Really into jelly beans? More than Ron Weasley and Harry Potter were into jelly beans? If so, you need to check out all the delicious green Jelly Belly flavours we have in stock, including Juicy Pear, Kiwi, Green Apple, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, and our favourite – Margarita! You won’t have the misfortune of tasting a yucky-flavoured jelly bean like Dumbledore did, so have no fear—get clicking and order up your faves!

(Do you remember this jelly bean scene from the first Harry Potter film? Classic!)

Sour Power Green Apple Candy Belts

You can’t experience the sweet times in life without also experiencing the sour (or so they say). So, why not mix things up a bit and add some sour green candies to your sweet St. Patrick’s Day loot? These green candy belts will be sure to tantalize your friends’ tongues and taste buds. (Is your mouth already watering to try these green apple sours? Because our’s are!)


Ever heard of Sixlets? If not, get ready for a real treat! Sixlets are small, round, candy-coated chocolate-flavoured candies that pack a delicious punch of cocoa and carob at the center, giving them a distinct malted taste. Green Sixlets are as green as a four-leafed clover and will fit nicely into your St. Patrick’s Day candy bar or candy buffet.

Bonus Fact: Despite their name, Sixlets are typically sold in a package of eight. It’s believed that when they were originally manufactured, they were sold six for a penny in a bubble gum machine.

Charms Blow Pop Sour Apple

Now you can have your lollipop and chew it too! These retro lollipops have the classic hard shell that we all know and love, with a surprise inside—a bubble gum center that packs tangy sour apple punch!

Charms Blow Pops have been popular with candy lovers since 1969 when they first debuted... and have only grown in popularity since! Add these to your St. Paddy’s Day confectionary line-up as an extra lucky “charm” for your guests.

Gummy Bears

A classic that’s sure to please everyone! With these green apple-flavoured little bears, your St. Paddy’s Day will be sweeter than ever. Every one of these gummy bears is fresh-tasting and bursting with fruity flavour. Plus? They all have that yummy gummy texture we all know and love.

Pop Rocks Dips Sour Green Apple

Do you remember Pop Rocks, and how they popped and sizzled right on your tongue? If you were just as obsessed with these retro candy as we were, you have to try Pop Rocks Dips in Sour Green Apple. These lollipops are a fun, new way to enjoy the exhilarating sensation of Pop Rocks and feel like a kid again.

How do they work? You simply lick the fruity lollipop, dip it into the powdery sweetness found in the packet, and lick again—then let the crackling begin!

Green Candy Buffet Pre-Pack

Do you really want to set the standards high for your St. Patrick’s Day party this year? A festively green candy buffet is just what you need to liven up your party and blow your guests’ minds (and taste buds!). You’ll have your thinking they found the end of the rainbow with all the sweet treats that are included in our candy buffet pre-pack.

The candies found in this candy buffet pre-pack have been specially selected for their green and white colours. You just simply choose how many packs you need (based on the number of people attending your awesome St. Paddy’s Day shindig), place and pay for your order, and voila! You will have delicious candies such as Gummy Rings, Green Frog Gummies, and Green Unicorn Pops showing up on your doorstep only days later!

Bonus Candies

As the legend goes, a leprechaun sits at the end of a rainbow, guarding a pot of gold. Catch the leprechaun and the gold is yours! The ultimate goal for anyone on St. Patrick’s Day is to find that coveted pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Reward your guests with some gold of their own that will melt in their mouths!

Check out these bonus gold candies:

Steenland Dinoland Chocolate Coins Nets

Send your guests home with a little treasure of their own with these chocolate coins in gold-coloured wrappers. There’s no need to chase rainbows or catch leprechauns to get these chocolate coins. The milk chocolatey taste will melt in your friends’ mouths and have them clicking their heels in no time!

Cup-O-Gold Chocolate Candy Cups

A ‘50s favourite that is still a definite crowd-pleaser, Cup-O-Golds are the perfect candy to fill any pot of gold with. These thick and delicious milk chocolate cups are filled with a creamy, smooth center of almonds and coconut. They are absolutely worth their weight in gold!

Whether your guests love sweet candy or sour candy, brand new candy or retro candy, Candy Funhouse has the best selection of treats available to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Happy St. Paddy’s!

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