Easy Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

Easy Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

The sweets of the season have never been easier to work with! A valentine’s day platter is always guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Whether you’re making it for your crush, your gals, or your family, everyone will be struck with awe by how cute this Valentine’s Day candy board looks! Keep reading for ways to make this board truly yours...xo

How to make a charcuterie board for Valentine’s day?

  1. Find a board or tray to use 
  2. Pick out all of the delicious treats you want to serve 
  3. For more miniature candies, place bowls throughout the board (to make it extra themed, use heart-shaped bowls)
  4. Arrange your board in an aesthetic matter
  5. Make sure to fill all empty spots
  6. Add any extra elements that’ll make your board pop 


Prep Time 

Around 5-15mins (depending on how much of a perfectionist you are!)

How We Made Ours


Charcuterie Board Tips

  • Try different treats: Each year, a variety of new Valentine’s day candy is released; you can mix it up with both new and old treats that you and your guests will love!
  • Use different shapes: Using heart-shaped cookie cutters to create outlines/bowls on the board adds to the theme. You could also cut your items into the shape of a heart.
  • Add extra decorations: We used felt hearts around our board, but you can also add roses for Valentine's Day and any other themed decorations you have around the house.

The Final Product 

Our board is just an example of how you can take any candy and make the board your own! What makes charcuterie boards unique is that no two boards will look the same, even if the same items are used! Anyone can make one, and it’s great because you don’t need any cooking skills to make this look great.

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