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Easter Basket Ideas

A Guide to Unforgettable Easter Baskets

Springtime is in full bloom, and Easter is just around the corner! It's the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats and create unforgettable Easter baskets for your loved ones. If you want to elevate your Easter basket game this year, we've got you covered with six creative ideas featuring some of the most beloved candies. Let's hop right into the fun!

Cadbury Mini Eggs Nest Basket

Cadbury Mini Eggs - Easter Basket - Nest Basket - Chocolate Eggs

Create a cozy nest-inspired basket using shredded paper or raffia as the nest base. Arrange Cadbury Mini Eggs in the center to mimic eggs nestled in a nest. Add decorative twigs or faux flowers for an extra touch of springtime charm.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a classic Easter candy treat loved for their creamy milk chocolate and pastel-coloured candy shells. Nestling them in a nest basket adds a whimsical touch to your Easter display.

Peeps Marshmallow Chick Bouquet

Peeps Marshmallow Chicks - Easter Bouquet - Marshmallow Treats

Create a colourful bouquet using Marshmallow Peeps as the focal point. Arrange the chicks on skewers or lollipop sticks and place them in a vase filled with Easter grass or tissue paper. Add colourful ribbons or bows for an extra pop of colour.

Marshmallow Peeps are an iconic Easter candy known for their fluffy texture and vibrant colours. Turning them into a bouquet adds a fun and festive twist to your Easter celebrations.

Paw Patrol Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Paw Patrol Easter Egg Box - Easter Egg Hunt - Kids Easter Basket

Transform a Paw Patrol-themed Easter egg box into the ultimate Easter egg hunt kit. Fill your basket with the Paw Patrol Easter Egg Hunt Kit for the ultimate themed Easter basket! The kit includes everything you need in one spot. Add Paw Patrol stickers or figurines to the basket for a personalized touch.

The Paw Patrol Easter Egg Hunt box adds an element of adventure and excitement to your Easter festivities. Kids will love hunting for eggs filled with their favourite candies while channelling their inner Paw Patrol hero.

Nerds Jelly Beans Rainbow Basket

Nerds Jelly Beans - Easter Basket - Rainbow Basket

Create a vibrant rainbow-themed Easter basket using Jelly Beans from Nerds Candy. Arrange the jelly beans in colour-coordinated rows to mimic a rainbow. Add a fluffy cloud made of cotton balls or cotton candy for a whimsical touch.

Nerds Jelly Beans are bursting with fruity flavour and vibrant colours, making them the perfect choice for a rainbow-themed Easter basket. This colourful creation is sure to delight both kids and adults alike.

Warheads Jelly Beans Sour Surprise Basket

Warheads Jelly Beans - Easter Basket - Sour Candy

Create an Easter basket filled with sour candy surprises using Jelly Beans from Warheads Candy. Pair the jelly beans with other sour candies for an extra kick. Add a warning sign or sour candy-themed stickers to the basket to alert hunters of the sour goodness inside.

Warheads Jelly Beans are known for their intense sour flavour and tongue-tingling sensation. This Easter basket is perfect for those who love a sour twist on traditional Easter treats.

Easter PEZ Candy 

PEZ - PEZ Candy - Easter PEZ - Easter Candy

Get the kids excited for an Easter basket filled with Easter-themed PEZ candy! These PEZ  Dispensers are the ultimate treat for the holiday. It’s a two-in-one prize for the scavenging kids!

Make your Easter basket worth the excitement this year with Easter PEZ candy.

Candy Funhouse DIY Easter Egg Decorating Kit


Easter Egg Decorating Kit - DIY Easter Basket - Creative Easter Crafts

Put together the ultimate DIY Easter egg decorating kit featuring Cadbury Mini Eggs, Peeps Marshmallow, PEZ candy, Nerds Jelly Beans, and Warheads Jelly Beans. Include plain Easter eggs, colourful markers, stickers, and paint for a fun and interactive Easter activity.

This DIY Easter basket encourages creativity and allows recipients to personalize their Easter eggs with their favourite candies. It's a fun and memorable way to celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

Have you ever tried making an Easter basket before?

This Easter, let your creativity shine with these seven delightful Easter basket ideas featuring Cadbury Mini Eggs, Peeps Marshmallow Chicks, PEZ candy, Paw Patrol Easter Egg Box, Nerds Jelly Beans, and Warheads Jelly Beans. 

Whether crafting a nest basket, creating a marshmallow chick bouquet, or putting together a DIY egg decorating kit, there's something egg-stra special for everyone to enjoy. 

Happy Easter from Candy Funhouse!

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