Discontinued Sweets and Treats from the 90s

Discontinued Sweets and Treats from the 90s

The 90s were amazing! Full of lava lamps, inflatable furniture, bright colours and a fabulous collection of the sweetest treats. The 90s were a novel time for fun and interesting candy. Anything and everything you could think of was introduced to us in snack form. Unafraid to challenge the already existing sweets we saw a large introduction of new and exciting sweets and treats. Unfortunately while some of these candies, cookies and snacks are here to stay, we had to say Bye Bye Bye to some of our favourites. Here’s a homage to some of the best-loved 90s treats that came out of nowhere and shot to stardom before they were taken off the shelves to make room for others.  

The 90s Candies We Had to Say Bye To 

  1. Nibble notes

    Who can forget about Nibble Notes? This amazing candy came to us at the height of note writing. Who isn’t guilty of writing messages to friends and passing them to each other in class? With Nibble Notes your messages were more than safe, they were also edible! Made from flavoured rice paper and with edible ink, you were able to scribble messages to friends, pass them along, and once the message was received, eat the evidence! Your secret messages have never been so safe. Unfortunately these delicious snack notes were discontinued in the early 2000s.

  2. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

    The original powdered gum! Hubba Bubba Bubble Jugs were the best gum to be introduced in the 90s. An adorable jug filled with tropical fruit flavoured gum powder. You poured it directly in your mouth and chewed it to form a piece of gum. The great thing about it was that you could pour as much as you liked, and if your gum ran out of flavour, you just poured some more! Regrettably Hubba Bubba discontinued this amazing jug after several years and while they have chosen not to bring it back, Kidsmania created their own! It may not be the same as the gum you remember, but Sneaky Stardust will still bring as much fun as the OG. 

  3. Spice Girls Chupa Chups

    Spice up your life! The Spice Girls hit the scene in 1996 and it was pandemonium. They were one of the most popular girl bands of the 90s and everyone wanted to collect their memorabilia. What a better way to do that than with Spice Girl Chupa Chups. A twist on the classic Chupa Chup lollipops, they came with limited-edition photos inside the wrapper and 24 collectible stickers! Sold during the height of Spice Girls popularity they unfortunately did not remain on the shelves forever. Today, Chupa Chups are still available in a large variety of flavours, however we can’t help but reminisce of the fun Spice Girl ones we used to love. 

  4. Sodalicious

    Sodalicious was absolutely delicious! Bottle-shaped gummies in rootbeer, orange and cherry-soda flavours with a unique sugar coating that gave a tingling sensation similar to the carbonation of a soda pop. The perfect addition to any lunch these gummies were all the rage in the 90s. Sadly, Betty Crocker discontinued this treat in 1998 and despite many pleas to bring them back they have not returned. Thankfully Haribo and Sour Patch Kids have introduced cola and Crush soda pop flavoured sweets to tickle our taste buds. While not exact, they’re still amazingly delicious.

  5. Lollipop Paint Shop

    If you were a kid in the 90s you definitely remember Lollipop Paint Shop. A delicious paintbrush shaped lollipop with a can of “paint”! The paint of course being a candy powder that would “paint” or turn our lips, teeth and gums colours. It came in red, purple, green or blue each with its own unique flavour. Alas as fun as this candy was, it too was taken off the shelf to make room for others.

  6. Squeezit

    Squeezits were the drink of the 90s. Made by General Mills, these fruit-flavoured juices came in plastic bottles that you squeezed to enjoy the beverage inside. With carefully created characters to coincide with the flavours these drinks were a fun twist on the traditional juicebox. While they were tasty and fun they were sadly discontinued once sales started to drop in the early 2000s. 

  7. Creme Savers (they’re back!)

    Everyone loved Creme Savers! Available in the two scrumptious flavours of Orange & Creme and Strawberries & Creme these hard candies were hard to pass up. A classic candy that your grandparents always had on hand, these creamsicle treats were discontinued in 2011. However, after a 10 year hiatus Mars Wrigley is bringing them back to our stores and we can’t wait to get a few packages. 

  8. Pizzarias Pizza Chips

    Pizza in chip form?! Of course the kids went crazy for these. What made them so great was that they were made from fresh pizza dough! Available in Cheese Pizza, Pizza Supreme and Zesty Pepperoni flavours, they tasted just like pizza, only louder. Introduced at the start of the 90s they were the most successful snack of Keebler’s! Unfortunately after Keebler was sold in the late 90s, the chips were discontinued. Now we can only dream of these chips and hope they return eventually.

  9. Butterfinger BBs

    Butterfingers are one of a kind, crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery chocolate bar. Except for when Butterfinger BBs were introduced in 1992. Similar to Whoppers or Maltesers, Butterfingers were made into mini balls roughly the size of marbles. They did extremely well especially with advertisements by Bart Simpson on The Simpsons. While they were discontinued in 2006, a similar product, Butterfinger Mini Bites were brought out in 2009. 

  10. Wonder Balls   

    “What’s in the Wonderball?” Wonderballs were delightful hollow balls of milk chocolate filled with candies and packaged with a collectible sticker. The joy and fun of them was the surprise of what’s inside. They even had larger versions with a toy inside! You can imagine how much kids loved the surprise of this treat. Sadly, like all the candies in this list they too were discontinued in the late 90s.

As much as we love the 90s, we understand that not all good things are made to last. All of these treats hold a sweet place in our heart and we can only hope that they one day return to our stores to grace our taste buds. While we had to say goodbye to a lot of delicious treats from the 90s, there are many that remain on the shelf today! Check out our Top 10 Candies from the 90s and reminisce with your favourite 90s tv show. 



    I’d LOVE for soda-licious to be brought back. That was my favourite candy as a kid!

    Lisa Gratton
    Lisa Gratton

    Please let me know if this is true that strawberry fruitful hard candy in bulk is discontinued?

    Jermia Francis
    Jermia Francis

    I can’t wait to order :)

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