Decorate with Candy this Christmas!

Decorate with Candy this Christmas!

One of the most fun things about Christmas-time is seeing everyone’s homes and streets decorated. And just about anything goes these days!

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There’s the typical red and green decorations, maybe with some gold or sparkling silver; there’s the classy white tree with blue or red decorations. Some people prefer whimsical while others prefer classic. At Candy Funhouse we like it crunchy, salty, gooey, and especially SWEET! 

There are many ways to decorate your home, and this year we’re showing you how you can incorporate candy into your deco. Candy Funhouse has scoured the internet for some fantastic ideas, and here we share them with you!


Make it a sweet Christmas tree

Right from the get-go, the tree: Add some candy canes for sure, and also add some other sweet treats and yummy goodies that will bring out the child at heart. You can use some simple garland or ribbon to tie some of our favourites, like apple-flavoured Albanese Gummi Rings, which are so easy to loop through because of their shape; sour green apple Dum Dums lollipops, which you can easily hang upside down while tying them from the stick; and Crazy Candy Factory’s strawberry laces, and you can even use them to tie small gifts! There are soooo many sweet ideas and pretty much any candy can be placed on the tree (just make sure your pets and small kids can't reach them!).


Check out this super handy blog that shows you a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your Christmas Tree Using Candy!


Shake up the candy cane

Then, if you’re adding on but stuck on using candy canes because they’ve become tradition, great! We have no problem with that! Candy Funhouse has so many colour variations and super tasty flavours that we can confidently rock your candy cane deco into the 21st century!

First up, these traditionally-coloured JuicyDrop Candy Canes that don’t have anything but traditional flavours! The knock-out punch (red) and apple attack (green) flavours combine the perfect mix of sweet and sour, plus they each come with its own sour gel dipper!






Or how about these Baby Bottle Pop Christmas candy canes? Everyone will have a blast, and they’re perfect for the holiday season when everyone can dip into the sweet powder of these blue raspberry or strawberry candy canes. YUM!

Let’s not forget the amazing combination of sour and sweet fruity flavours of these Sour Patch Kids candy canes! It’ll be so much fun for everyone to find their colourful canes hidden between the tree branches!




Place settings

When it comes to creative decorating for the holidays, it’s all in the details and the small things. Those are the ideas that your family or guests will remember! Place settings make a person feel welcomed, planned for, and invited. Seeing their name displayed creatively will make them feel as jolly as the day will be!

Ribbon candy – In this photo for example, the creator Erin shows us how to work with ribbon candy and snap them a certain way so you can use them as place cards… So clever!

Candy Cane Place Settings – And there’s also using candy canes as place settings in a very clever (and tasty!) way. Check it out!


Making a candy wreath

There are so many ideas of how to use candy to make real smart wreaths! The best part about them is that they also make an amazing edible gift!

Look at this super easy to make Airheads Taffy wreath by, and all you need is a glue-gun, some cardboard, and of course lots of tasty Airhead candies!


You can also create yummy candy wreaths by using Peppermint Starlight Mints Hard Candy (at Candy Funhouse we sell the 1.8kg bag!) or just use a whole bunch of different candy and make a super colourful, happy, bright and sweet wreath, like this one by! The idea for creating them is basically the same, you’re only limited by the amount of candy you buy online from us!


Go ahead, create a Christmas candy buffet! 

Sometimes it’s about creating a focal point that your guests can look at, and indulge in! Most people will gather at the kitchen, so why not use your dining table or a kitchen counter to create a whimsical and sweet candy buffet for Christmas?  It’s all about combining sizes and contrasting flavours, and displaying them in different jars, dishes and bowls.

Candy Funhouse has simplified the candy buffet by organizing our huge selection by colour. So if your Christmas candy buffet is going to be red and green, simply search for “red candy” or “green candy” and voila! You can then pick and choose which candy you’d like to buy online and we’ll deliver for you in time for the holidays… All you need are the dishes to display candies out on!

Try it out here: RED CANDY - GREEN CANDY


This Christmas Holiday season, transform your home into a Christmas candy-land! All you need is a little imagination, a bit of a Holiday spirit, and Candy Funhouse!

Be sure to share your photographs with us… We’d love to see your creations.

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