Cadbury Curly Wurly British Chocolate Bar Retro Candy

Curly Wurly A Twisted Blaze Of Chocolate Gold

 Curly Wurly, where have you been?

Cadbury Curly Wurly British Chocolate Bar

I have no idea why I missed out on you for the longest time! It has always been difficult to find British chocolate bars in Canada and that's where the Candy Funhouse comes into play! Oh Curly Wurly, oh how I've missed you for so long and I still can't believe I missed out on this before.

Braided caramel covered in milk chocolate? Never really done on this side of the world to much success. Again though, how does anyone miss this bar.  Maybe the long packaging threw me off. Didn't even think it was a chocolate bar! Possibly some sort of long candy but this author was clearly wrong! How was I so wrong?


Cadbury Curly Wurly British Chocolate Bar


Curly Wurly is a British Chocolate Bar

Cadbury has produced this bar in the UK since 1970. David Parfitt a designer at the time with Cadbury was playing with some extra toffee and came up with the intertwining effect of caramel and voila-Curly Wurly!!

Mainly white packaging with purple ends and colourful lettering.  Not the craziest design but it works! Willy Wonka type font has been used over time with the packaging generally being white. Taste is very sweet but not overly crazy sweet.  Thin caramel braids with gooey milk chocolate covering it. The amount of chocolate is huge on such a thin bar. The bar is very chewy and can be broken up into pieces to share.  That is of course, if you really want to share!  For just having a thin long piece of chocolate covered caramel. Cadbury have hit a home run or in UK talk, have scored a cracking goal on their opponents!

Now some older chocolate bar fans may remember the Curly Wurly as it has been available twice in Canada. First time in 1974, with little results and pulled quickly.  Second time was in the early 80's as the Marathon bar. Again though the item didn't catch on. Fun fact is that the Marathon bar in the UK made by Mars was a chocolate covered peanut bar originally.  It did not sell well, the bar was eventually renamed Snickers.  I can't quite figure it why the Curly Wurly didn't work as its a simple bar which tastes really good.

A fun idea for these blogs is to give them a little rating. Since this the Candy Funhouse. The rating will be based on candy bars. One bar is sad and hopeless (I don't see giving too many of these out). Ok, ok maybe Big Turk, sorry Turk fans out there. Ten bars will be the best. Those will be reserved for only the cream of the crop.  Now back to our beloved Curly Wurly.  After careful thought thinking hours upon hours of how to rate this chocolate bar.  I've come up with the conclusion this bar is worth 8 candy bars!! It will be tough to beat.  So tell us what you think. 

Come on down to the Candy Funhouse and give the Curly Wurly a try.  Does it rank higher or lower than what we think. Sometimes simple candy bars, just really do work!


Curly Wurly Candy

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