C'mon get HAPPY! Best candies for stress

C'mon get HAPPY! Best candies for stress

Did you know that certain candies, snacks, and treats can actually help fight stress? Candy Funhouse has just the thing for that! 

This time of year can sure be stressful, and on top of it all, it has been a challenging year for many of us! Let’s get through it and see how the next candies to order online should include those that fight stress.


Chewing gum to fight stress

The act of chewing gum has been shown to send those “satisfying” signals to our stress-suffering brains, much like eating food does. When you chew gum and on top of that combine it with that sweet or minty flavour, you’re actually sending calming vibes to your brain, dude! They’re called ‘endorphins’, and they make us happy… so go ahead and order some awesome chewing gum online and chew on!

Here are a whole bunch of some of our favourite [GUM] treats:



Shockingly sour candies to fight stress:

At Candy Funhouse, we love sour candies so much we even wrote a whole [BLOG] about the most sour, favourite ones! Did you know that when you’re feeling stressed out one of the best things you can do is shock your tastebuds into flavourtown? That cheek-squeezing, tart reaction you have from sucking on a super sour candy automatically distracts your brain from the thing that is causing you stress, creating calming feelings… it’s true!

Some of Candy Funhouse’s most memorable [sour candies] to shock you into happiness include these favourites:


Crunch it out!

Snacking makes a brain happy. Some people snack because they’re bored, others snack out of stress. All you need to do is order a variety of different snacks and mix them all up into one big bowl! You’ll be feeling comforted right away… but please snack responsibly!

What do you think about these awesome crunchable snacks? [One click] and they’ll be on your online candy purchase basket! We have salty snacks, crunchie-munchie snacks with combination sweet and salty, and the best treats for the munchies:


Chocolate is KING!

Our Candy Funhouse team thinks this was a fitting title, since the first thing many of us reach out for when feeling anxious or sad, or even stressed out, is chocolate. You may have heard that chocolate is linked to our bodies producing “serotonins” right? Those are the neurotransmitters that make us feel happy. So pick your favourite choco-treats and order your chocolate lineup online straight away!

Check out our huge selection of online chocolate candies, bars and treats [HERE]


What are your favourite candies to fight stress? Comment below, we want to know!

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Truly stressed or feeling depressed?

Candy Funhouse realizes many people are struggling with depression and feel anxious, sad and not themselves. If that sounds like you, please seek medical help immediately – you’re not alone and you deserve to feel better! The Lifeline Canada Foundation is an App you can download that provides awareness, education and prevention strategies for people in crisis. Please check it out!  Lots of resources are available on the link as well. Candy Funhouse supports your wellbeing – you’re never alone!

[CLICK HERE confidentially FOR MORE INFO]


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