Chocolate: Healthy Comfort Food?

Chocolate: Healthy Comfort Food?

At Candy Funhouse we recognize everyone has a particular ‘comfort food’ they turn to when they’re feeling a little ‘blah’. For some people it may be they’re craving a gooey grilled cheese sandwich, while for others it’s a warm bowl of mom’s homemade stew... Yet everyone also seems to crave a particular type of sugary treat when feeling down – why is that?

Hundreds of studies have been conducted, and hundreds of thousands spent on finding out one basic result: Candy makes us feel good!  Eating sweets activates the brain’s reward system – such as with chocolate, which can actually trigger the body’s endorphins (AKA the ‘feel good’ hormone) to decrease stress and pain. Why do we need to know this? Because eating treats like chocolate may actually be good for you! How’s that for uplifting news?!!!

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Comfort food gives us that nostalgic connection; it works as an anti-depressant, plus it tastes sooo good… And Candy Funhouse has something for everyone, regardless of age, culture, or sweet preference. One of our favourites: Dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is basically made of cacao beans, sugar, soy lecithin (for preserving texture) and other flavourings. This dark cacao contains resveratrol (hey, just like wine!) an antioxidant and immune system booster that may even help reduce blood pressure and increase arterial blood flow, and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Feeling better about indulging in chocolate now, aren’t you?

The body is an amazing machine, and it knows when something is missing or needed. Just like when you’re thirsty and craving a big glass of water, it knows when you just gotta have that little something sweet for comfort. The key here is, everything in moderation, and when you’ve just gotta have that sweet kick, dark chocolate may just be the best choice for you!

Candy tops the list of comfort foods because of our amazing ability to link scent and memory – like how the scent of popcorn may remind us of family movie nights, or the memory of a county fair with the smell of a pie baking in the oven. Let’s face it, there is something incredibly comforting about the scent of chocolate!

Most of us have grown up with chocolates as treats in one way or another. Do you remember the feeling of finding a mini Hershey’s packed in your lunch bag? Or organizing your M&M’s into colours, then seeing if they actually melted in your hand? Let’s not forget how many of us were first introduced to chocolate: Poured into a glass of cold milk… It’s childhood in a glass! 

If chocolate is your ‘thing’, at Candy Funhouse we have it all sorted out for you in specific sections, whether you’re looking for a specific or unusual chocolate bar, a nice chunk of smooth fudge, or if you’re looking for a particular chocolate from Britain, the States, or from right here at home in Canada. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of chocolate here and there, and now you have more reason to have it… Just for comfort!

Candy Funhouse wants to know: Which candy do you consider ‘comfort food’? Please comment below!

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