Our Top 10 Candies from the Sweet & Snacks Expo

Our Top 10 Candies from the Sweet & Snacks Expo

When we arrived at the 2023 Sweets & Snacks expo we came in with high expectations, and to no one's surprise, they were met! With the abundance of classic and exclusive candies showcased at the event, we decided to make a top 10 list of the most exciting snacks that are coming soon!!

1. Kit Kat Churro

KitKat Churro     KitKat Churro

Starting this list off strong, we have the classic KitKat bar that is now churro flavoured!!! I mean come on!! They knew exactly how to get us pumped for the newest addition to the KitKat family. Sticking true to the classic KitKat format, this chocolate bar comes in breakable sticks but now has the delicious addition of cinnamon and its dropping just in time for National Churro Day! Each bite packs a hefty flavourful punch, making each bite just as exciting as the last — can’t wait to try these again!

2. Kazbars


Hostess got it right when they made Kazbars! Kazbars are a new combo of candy bar/snack cakes that makes us weak in the knees. They’re coming out with two distinctly different flavours, but not to worry because they are equally as tasty! Flavour options come in chocolate caramel & triple chocolate. We can’t wait to regularly snack on these delightful treats!!

3. Toxic Waste Slime Lickers

Toxic Waste Slime Lickers    Toxic Waste Slime Lickers

We know how much you guys enjoy lathering the Toxic Waste Slime Lickers on your lips, so when we saw they came out with two new flavours of green apple & black cherry, we knew it was gonna be a stand out for sure! This super sour candy has gained over 260 million views on TikTok with its viral worthy application format! It’s unlike any other sour candy you might’ve had, and that’s what makes it so fun to try! All you have to do is rub the sour candy all over your lips like lip gloss and lick them dry!

4. Flipz Strawberry Shortcake & Churros

Flipz Churros

Thanks to Flipz pretzels we get to enjoy the scrumptious combination of sweet and savory flavours with their chocolate covered pretzels! Each pretzel is evenly coated with their respective flavours and produce a blissful feeling your taste buds can thoroughly enjoy. With new heavenly flavours including Strawberry Shortcake & Churros, it's no wonder they were a 2023 Sweets & Snacks Most Innovative Products finalist!

5. Jelly Belly Boba

Jelly Belly Boba

Yes, you read that correctly!! Jelly. Belly. Boba!!!! We were also ecstatic when we saw this Most Innovative Product among the finalists this year. Jelly Belly’s are releasing a line of jelly beans that are boba milk tea flavoured and we know this will be a knockout among candy lovers for sure! Flavours of these sensational jelly beans include Mango Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea and Thai Iced Milk tea. Who could even think to resist such a majestic creation?!

6. Face Twisters Slime Tongue

Face Twisters Slime Tongue

Can you handle the sour things in life? If so, you NEED to try the all-new Face Twisters Slime Tongue! These unbelievably sour candies will have you puckering all day long! This slimy gooey treat may sound odd, but for any sour candy lover, it’ll hit just the right spot. With a variety of slime flavours from Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry & Strawberry, you have the ability to choose the sour flavour of the day! Created in 1998, these wickedly sour treats have been making us tear up out of pure sour anguish for decades… and we keep going back because they’re just that good!! We can’t wait for you to experience this new level of intense sourness!

7. Trolli Sour Electric Crawlers

Trolli Sour Electric Crawlers

Trolli has done it again with the Sour Electric Crawlers! These sour crawlers are something Trolli fans would only dream of — I guess dreams really do come true! The worm shaped gummy candy combines two delicious Trolli flavours in each bite, giving you double the sour flavour and joy!!! The new flavour combos come in Blueberry/Lemonade, Strawberry/Watermelon and Dragon Fruit/Mango. Each chewy bite will have your taste buds drowning in unbelievably yummy flavour combinations!!! If you consider yourself a gummy & sour candy fan, you have to try it out for yourself

8. Hot Tamales Ropes

Hot Tamales Ropes

The Hot Tamales heat is nothing to mess with and now you can enjoy the heat-inducing candy in tasty little licorice ropes! Made in 1950, Hot Tamales have made a huge name for themselves for being a deliciously wild spicy treat that could make anyone break a sweat! Over the years this candy became a staple among movie goers and made every event excitingly memorable. The new Hot Tamales Ropes are spicy filled licorice ropes that we simply can not get enough of!! The chewy consistency matched with the fire burning taste bud experience is something we can't get enough of!

 9. Wonka Hats

        Wonka Hats     Wonka Hats

The Wonka Hat has worked its magic once again! The Wonka brand is back thanks to the return of the Wonka Hat gummies! After a long hiatus the brand has come back in a big way with their iconic gummy hats! These little purple gummies are so chewy and soft that you’ll be done with the bag before you know it! Each gummy is filled with a jelly-gooey consistency that gives candy lovers a sensational mixture of textures! We could not be more excited to bring in the return of the Wonka brand with the Wonka Hats that we loved & missed so dearly!

10. Thats Sweet Gummy Fries

Gummy Fries, Thats Sweet Gummy Fries

Live out your fast food candy fantasies with That's Sweet Gummy Fries! These gummies may come shaped like french fries but they are actually fruit flavoured and come with a squeezable “ketchup” that you can pour all over your tasty fries! The best part about this is that the ketchup sauce is a strawberry flavoured candy gel! Gummy Fries are a great way to make your candy snacking experience extra exciting and enjoyable! If you love munching on some delicious gummies, then this should be your next must-try candy!

Which one of these candies do you want to try the most? Are there any treats that you loved from the Sweets & Snacks expo that we missed?

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