Celebrate this Holiday Season like NO OTHER!

Celebrate this Holiday Season like NO OTHER!

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us – for many (many!) reasons. And now Winter is here and we’re starting to see all the Holiday decorations popping up on the streets and stores. Is it too soon to begin celebrating? Is the Holiday Season causing you anxiety?

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At CandyFunhouse, we believe we ALL deserve this time to celebrate. Whether you’re safely staying in your own home or having a couple of people in your “bubble” join you for a distanced get-together, candy may just be the thing to cheer everyone up.

The fact that decorations are popping up may just be a good thing. It’s a change of scenery, and a reminder of days when we spent good times together. Here’s some tips on making it the BEST Holiday Season ever!

Distanced, not silenced.

This may just be the best year to bring back the Holiday Card. Time to make a list of those people you appreciate this year, those you haven’t had an opportunity to see, and those you think could use just a little pick me up! Take just five minutes to write them each a little note (it doesn’t even have to be fancy or lengthy!) and pop in a sweet treat for them to enjoy, like a baggie of Haribo Berries Gummies, or you could even buy a bag of Dum Dums Color Party Assorted Rainbow Lollipops and divvy it up among your best friends!

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Maybe it’s time to change it up, and look at a sweet yummy treat that was made abroad. Sending a little gift to someone special doesn’t mean it has to always be the typical goodies they are familiar with. At Candy Funhouse, we have a HUGE collection of Ritter Sport chocolates, for example. These super-good chocolates are made by a small German family business that was established in 1912. They have a big variety of flavours too! Can you imagine how happy they would be to try them all, or even a few different ones? Like Chocolate with Strawberry Joghurt, Milk Chocolate with Coconut, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, or even some with Marzipan? This is your opportunity to shine, to share something NEW with someone, at a time when they really need that bit of excitement!

Choose a “Gift That Keeps On Giving”.

If there’s someone in your life who has had a particularly difficult time this year, show them you’re there for them EVERY MONTH! Candy Funhouse’s Care Package Subscription Box means they’ll receive a new and exciting flavour from around the Funhouse every month. We all need a little excitement right now, so go on, even YOU could enjoy a Candy Funhouse Care subscription box, right? Check it out HERE.


The Outdoor Holiday Party.

There’s no reason why we can’t barbecue through the winter months, right? Just like there’s no reason why we can’t arrange an outdoor get-together with our closest safe contacts through the Holidays and New Year. Each person can bring their own chair (BYOC) and their own drinks (BYOD) – you just have to make it a sweet get-together outside! Set up a table and decorate it accordingly. Then, set up some paper plates and pre-package some specialty candies, chocolates, and snacks in goodie bags. Everyone can come, help themselves to a loot bag, and sip on some cocoa on a sunny winter weekend morning. You can even schedule different times for different friends to come by, as long as they’re in your social bubble, of course!

Don’t forget the barbecue!

If you don’t have a fire pit, you can still set up the barbecue and roast some marshmallows! This is another SAFE way to share in some sweets too, as everyone can pick-a-stick, poke their own marshmallow through it, and roast it to their liking… Just imagine how good Haribo’s Primavera strawberry marshmallows would taste lightly toasted up and all gooey delicious! And McCormicks Banana Marshmallows can ALSO be roasted over an open fire… oh yeah! Just use a cast-iron pan and you're all set! After the party’s done, all the sticks and paper plates get burned so no mess to clean up. Bonus!

Don’t feel guilty for starting to get excited about the Holiday season… At Candy Funhouse, we believe we all need these little sweet celebrations, especially this year! So go ahead and order your online candy from our immense selection and make it a time to remember.

What other ideas do you have for celebrating this Holiday Season SAFELY? Share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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