Candy for ALL Holiday Celebrations

Candy for ALL Holiday Celebrations

No matter which country you’re from or what your culture or religion, candy is a favourite treat to enjoy at many festivities and special holidays in Canada and around the world. Some of these special celebrations will include a feast, family gatherings, lighting of candles, moments of silence followed by festivities, and special days that will have customary foods and yes, sweets!

Some of the most familiar celebrations include Christmas, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pancha Ganapati, Posadas, Hanukkah, Yule, Diwali, and Koliada. Have you heard of most of these special holidays celebrated around the world?

How to incorporate sweets into your celebrations

At Candy Funhouse, we know candy is the universal language of happiness! Candy makes a great gift to give someone, no matter if their background is different than yours. When you’re not too sure what to gift them but you want to support their culture, you can put together a basket with special treats for them: Use your imagination, use colour variations, shapes, sizes, and mix chocolates with candies of all shapes and sizes!

Candy basket for the Holidays

Support someone else’s different culture, with candy:

When you are familiar with someone’s background, it’ll be a special moment for them to receive a package with sweets and treats that show you are interested and support them. Maybe the event or celebration is not something you grew up with, but you bet it means a lot to them! In some celebrations, there is a period of fasting… followed by a celebration with lots of special foods and yes, candy!

Diwali Candy


Boost mood at the office with candy:

Candies can be used as decorations throughout your office too! Colourful decorations that are red and green, or maybe multicoloured for a Diwali theme, for example, with an awesome collection of candy and chocolates – even salty snacks and crunchy treats! This can immediately boost morale at any office, and we could all sure use that.

Candy for the office


Candy more than just three times per year!

We think of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween, but we need to celebrate by treating ourselves more often! It can make us smile, cheer us up, boost the energy level and make our day so much happier! You’ve probably heard of people celebrating Christmas in July, so why not Valentine’s Day in August, or Chocolate day ANYTIME? The wonderful Indian celebration of Diwali, for example, is also known as the “festival of lights” with – of course – lights, foods, music, dancing, and celebration… adding an assortment of colourful candies makes this celebration even happier, more enjoyable, as it’s intertwined with the typical delicacies and treats.

Candy in August


Don’t forget about yourself!

We like to think of others during special holidays, wondering what they’ll want as gifts and how we can make them happy. This is all good, of course, but while you’re planning to make them happy, don’t forget to treat yourself too! Sometimes it’s much more than a trip to the grocery store for dinner items; sometimes you need to add an order of online candy from Candy Funhouse to make it a fun, festive, and sweet holiday celebration! Think of what you like too –  feel like having some special nostalgic chocolates that remind you of childhood? Candy Funhouse has that! Do you want to indulge in some salty and crunchy snacks to go along with your holiday home-baked cookies? Candy Funhouse has a huge selection, check out Candy Funhouse’s fresh snack collection HERE.


The many special multicultural events and Holidays we celebrate, can bring us together. They are special moments through the year where we can take time to relax, celebrate, think of family and friends, and enjoy some comfort foods… like sweet and sour candies, ooey gooey chocolatey treats, salty and crunchy munchies, and more. When you celebrate your special holiday this year, count on Candy Funhouse to be there for you.

Share with us below: Do you have a favourite celebration coming up this year? We'd love to read your comments!

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