Candy Buffet Craze!

Candy Buffet Craze!

If you haven't seen or heard of the latest event craze, candy buffets, then you are missing out!  Candy buffets are the best way to incorporate a fun and exciting experience into part of almost any event.  They double as the perfect decor, able to match the theme, and any possible colour scheme of any party imaginable, as well as offering a more amusing type of finger food for eager guests of all ages. 

That being said, we know it can be extremely overwhelming to make all the decisions required to pull off a successful candy buffet since the possibilities are endless.  There are oodles of bulk candies to choose from, and tons of different containers to give you the presentation you're looking for, and how much candy do you need anyway?  I know, it just got worse, didn't it?

Our blog talks all about the perfect candies that you can't miss for different themes and events!  That means if you're having a baby shower and don't know where to start, all you have to do is check-in with our Sweet Times Blog at Candy Funhouse! 

There is more than enough room for candy buffets in plenty of other events like corporate parties, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and the big one, weddings! And if you fall in love with our candy selections, you can order them right here in our online store, either separately, or in pre-made packs of all the goodies mentioned in the blog for the utmost of ease, simply based on the number of people you plan to be entertaining. 

Check out our weekly guides on the Candy Buffet Craze!

A Candy Buffet is a great way to satisfy every one of your guests, as they get to pick whatever they want, and stuff it inside a baggie they can carry around during your party, munching on anything as they chit chat or walk around! Or, they also can take it home as a reminder of what an amazing party you just held!

At Candy Funhouse, we have candies for every type of Candy Buffet you would possibly want to focus on... different themes, colour schemes, ages or even customs, we have vegan and vegetarian candies, big juicy suckers or tiny melt-in-your mouth chocolates, you name it, we got it!

But if you want to browse yourself, be sure to check out our shop by colour method, and bulk candy products. 

We want to know... have you ever held a Candy Buffet at your party? Was there a favourite candy your guests kept coming back for? Share your sweet thoughts with us! 

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