Cambridge Clash..What A Rush!

The Cambridge Clash just went down this past Saturday and was a rousing success! From the food drive, the bands and the poetry. It was such a great experience that you did not want to miss! I myself had a great time and from the sounds and sights of it, everyone else did as well.

CeCe the store mascot and Lucy The Volkswagen Magic Bus greeted lots of families as they arrived at the Candy Funhouse. Batman & the Elf took lots of pictures with all the kids. Batman giving out high fives to all they passed by. Batman fired up the live audience with a rousing speech.

Lots of visitors brought huge amounts of food for the Cambridge Clash fighting against hunger. The drive continues so please bring your items as soon as possible as the race to see which part of Canbridge wins! Our very own Candy Queen rallied the troops and gave an inspiring speech!
Santa Claus made an appearance which brought a smile to all. Dancing and having a jolly good time. Supergirl came in and made everyone extremely happy! This struggle of hunger during the Holiday season has gotten everyone to bond together. With all your food donations, many hot meals will be served for the less fortunate this Christmas time.

A huge highlight for me was the spoken word talent of Rafay Ansari, aka YBS Frack The French Pack, trust me this guy is great. He has an amazing way with words which had all in attendance speechless! I can't tell you how great this guy is, please check out vids on him! Bands hit the Funhouse Stage next, first up was The Candy Men. The band ripped through a myriad of well know covers from Alanis Morissette, "All I Really Want" to Chris Isaak's, "Wicked Game." To top it off, the theme song of the event "Heroes" by David Bowie also covered by The Wallflowers was played. We Can Be Heroes, this was the running theme through the entire Cambridge Clash. After The Candy Men finished their set, Seven Sundays headlined the Cambridge Clash event, starting off with the 1964 Box Tops classic, "The Letter" continuing to more 1970's glam rock and tearing into a sweet rendition of The Cult's "Lil Devil."

Check out the Candy Funhouse Facebook page for pictures and videos to see what happened. Don't forget the drive to stop hunger continues. Food donations are still being accepted now and until December 17th. Help us all meet our goal of 25000 pounds of food for the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank. So make sure to drop by the Candy Funhouse location and donate your non perishable food items! The battle for supremacy reigns supreme to see who will win! The winner will be announced the next morning, December 18th live on Dave FM.

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