Bring in the New Year with Candy Games!

Bring in the New Year with Candy Games!

 Celebrating the New Year should be a feel-good thing, right? Especially if you’ve had a challenging year, like many of us have! This New Year, make it super special while staying safe and enjoying the time with your loved ones. How do we do that at Candy Funhouse? With candy, of course!

Many of us love going out for New Year, having parties, or hosting get-togethers with our besties, for New Year. If this is not a possibility, why not stay safe and cozy at home and play some candy games?

At Candy Funhouse, we know that everyone loves playing games; it’s an easy way to pass the time while having fun, and way better for quality time rather than everyone spending it on their own phone. Especially for events like New Year, it’s important to spend the time together, doing things that are fun, and making it memorable.

Here are some ideas for you to play some fun candy games, whether you're looking for kids candy games, adult candy games, or candy games for the whole family to enjoy:



If you’re staying at home with young kids, there are many games you can play using candy. They’ll love these because they’re not only fun, but they get to eat the candy too!

“Sweet Tac Toe”

Set up a board with a Tic Tac Toe drawn on it, and use Reese’s Pieces Big Cups (39g) for one player, and York Peppermint Pattie (39g) for the other player. In this version, the winner gets to take a bite out of each candy that has crossed – not eat the whole thing at once (39g is a lot… they’re quite large!). Then keep taking tuns until someone finishes their candy bar first! You can also play with other candies like Hershey’s Kisses, and every player gets a different coloured foil – a great way to try the new flavours too, like Mint Kisses and Lava Cake Dark Chocolate Kisses!


“Twizzlers Nibs Building Challenge”

– Photo courtesy of our friends at

These guys really have it together, and what a great idea this is! Jaime is a mother of three high-energy boys, who loves creating and crafting together. This game is one of her mastermind ideas and we’re loving it! You can use a few packets of Twizzlers Nibs candy and use toothpicks to connect them, building challenging forts, ‘cars’ and roads for a whole lotta fun!

You can have the kids (or you!) use both cherry and dark licorice Twizzlers Nibs, and get the multi-coloured toothpicks to connect them. How fun! Check out the varieties Candy Funhouse has, HERE



At Candy Funhouse, we already know what happens when you mix Mentos with Coca Cola… But there are better ways to have fun and get to actually EAT the candy you’re playing with! How about we share a couple of ideas with you for New Year’s?

“Marshies Picking Game” 

Use chopsticks and small marshmallows like Marshies Strawberry or Chocolate/Vanilla, or Mango flavours (they’re just so good, and there are so many flavours!). Set the timer and see who gets to pick more Marshies with their toothpicks… The winner has to stuff all the ones they picked into their mouth at once, while the rest of you watch and take selfies! Order your candy Marshies online HERE!


“Suck ‘em Sweet”

This game can also use small marshmallows, M&Ms or Smarties (or all of them together in a bowl!). Every player gets a bowl of candies, and an empty bowl. The object of the game is to use a straw to suck one candy at a time from the candy bowl, onto the empty candy bowl, using a timer (you can use the one on your phone). The fastest person to get them all to the empty bowl wins! What do they win? That’s up to the organizer of course… Maybe it’s a special treat, or something more adult-like… or maybe they get to eat everyone’s treats!

(Thanks to Sophie’s World for the fun photo... check out the full video HERE!)

 candy game

“Truth or Sweet”

Yes, it’s kind of like Truth or Dare but where the dare is a treat. The object of the game is to get yourself a Pantry Size jug of M&M’s, and divvy up some between each player – everyone gets their own paper cup of them, about a large handful is good. Next, you need to decide what each colour means, for example: The red ones will be a ‘dare’, the blue ones will be a kiss or a hug; the yellow ones will be a ‘truth’, and so on… You can even play a fun strip-candy game, or make them all dares! Each player takes a turn clockwise, picking a colour from their opponent’s candy cup, doing the truth or dare, and enjoying their candy! 

When someone asks you, “what did you do for New Year?” what are you going to say? Make sure it’s a fun thing, because we all need a wonderful celebration to bring in a New Year full of hope, happiness, and health... And have fun with candy!

Now go ahead and start picking your candy from Candy Funhouse’s huge selection, buy your candy online in Canada, select your games, and plan an evening that will be memorable!

What will you do this New Year? Let our team at Candy Funhouse know in the comments below: 

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