Are you looking for the best online candy store

Are you looking for the best online candy store?

Are you looking for the best online candy store with a full selection of all your favourite sweet treats? When you buy candy online, not only do you want the candy to be fresh, you also want to have extensive variety to choose from. For instance:

So, if you’re looking for the best candy online, you’ve found us!

Let us introduce ourselves properly:

We Are Candy Funhouse!

We’ve decided the world needs more fresh, delicious candy. We’re here to bring you all of the best candy in one place.

Whether you’re looking for the best candy store in Canada, or the best online source to order candy internationally, we have all of the finest candy available online. With us, it couldn’t be easier to order the exact candies you’re looking for and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

We aren’t just bulk candy distributors. We’re sweet treat fanatics, skilled fun-gineers, and candy connoisseurs. We seek out and select the very best candy variety you can imagine. When you want to order candy online, Candy Funhouse has you covered—and then some!

We aren’t your ordinary, average candy store. We are creative minds who collaborate in the sweet name of candy! We are candy experts (no, really—we are) and our goal is make everyone’s life a little bit sweeter.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you meet someone special? That moment in a romcom when boy meets girl, everything slows down, sparks fly, and the music begins to swell? Well, that’s how we feel about candy.

And because we’re so passionate about candy and treats and confection sweets, we created Candy Funhouse.

We put a whole new twist on candy culture.

When someone thinks of candy, or when they are given candy as a gift, they usually light up like a Christmas tree. Surprise, joy, wonder, and just a little bit of “I’m-going-to-eat-it-all-right-now” excitement flicker across the faces of our customers. THAT’S what we’re all about. We want to add a “touch of sweetness” to your life; for your family, your friends, your special someone, or anyone else who deserves a little extra love in the form of sugary, delicious treats.

One of the reasons why our customers love Candy Funhouse so much is because we bring this kind of positive, upbeat attitude into every aspect of our business. From our customer service to our party room (aka the Dreamatorium), we aim to bring a smile to your face to make sweet times happen naturally and easily. It’s that simple! We don’t just think outside the box, we live outside the box.

Our service and selection are unparalleled.

We’ve declared a double major in candy and fun here at Candy Funhouse, but that’s not where our skills end! Our fast and speedy shipping and service make us the perfect choice for getting quality, fresh candy quickly. We’re Canada’s leading candy importer and distributor and we have a shiny gold star from our mommas to prove it. Whether you want to order bulk candy for your shop or event, or a personal order just for you and your friends or family, we have all the top candy you’re looking to order. YUM.

Plus, we have more candies and fun surprises than even Willy Wonka did at his factory. No matter what kind of candy is your favourite, we really do have it all.

From your favourite homegrown Canadian chocolates, to that new British candy bar you just discovered, to classic American treats, we have it. All those candies you remember back from the 70s and 80s that you just don’t see in stores anymore? We got ‘em. That hard-to-find sour candy? Check! That particular flavour that’s your absolute favourite? No problem! That fudge that you just can’t get enough of? Yes, we have that too! You could spend the entire day browsing our amazing selection of candy and come back the next day and still find more candy discoveries!

Perfect for any event – Perfect for every event

Ever heard of a candy buffet? Who hasn’t! Candy buffets are all the rage these days because they’re the perfect sweet treat for your celebration. If you’re having a candy buffet at your next event, we’ve got you covered. Watch your guests turn into kids at a candy store (literally) as they fill up goodie bags with their favourite candies and sweets.

We also have a “Candy by Colour” feature on our website that makes creating your candy buffet to fit your event’s colour scheme simple, easy, and quick. If you’re planning the perfect pink and white wedding, you can choose from a huge selection of pink and white candies with a simple click of your mouse. No more searching and hunting for pink candies—we make it simple and easy for you! So, no matter whether your party colours are pink, purple, white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, black, brown, or even rainbow, we have the candy to make it happen!

But candy buffets aren’t where the fun ends. We have goodie bags, aka loot bags, filled with all your favourite candies. They’re the perfect way to wind down your event’s evening and leave your guests with some sweet memories to take home. And they’re customizable too!

And let’s not forget our gift baskets and upcoming gift boxes filled with quality candy! We create unique gift baskets that are great for any occasion. From gift baskets for holidays to special occasions like anniversaries, baby showers, and birthdays, candy gift baskets are a special way to say you’re really sweet on someone. Or you can always do what we do… order one for yourself! Because you deserve it!

Candy Funhouse isn’t your average candy store.

We take pride in our unique assortment of candy. We bring you sweets from all over the world in a fast, easy, and convenient way, delivered right to your home or office. We can be your go-to candy delivery service when it comes to ordering wholesale candy, bulk candy, special event sweets, personal treats, and more!

Take our word for it. We’re the best online candy store and we can’t wait to show you first hand. Start your online candy order now.

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Jason Winzur
Jason Winzur

Candy Funhouse is the best online candy store. All the candies are so fresh! And the customer service is unmatched. Love this place!

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