BEST Stocking Stuffer Ideas

BEST Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It’s that time of year, and what a year it has been! At Candy Funhouse we’re all about making those around you happy – and what better way than celebrating Christmas with candy!

Whether you started your Christmas shopping early at your local retailers, or if you finished ordering your gifts online, Christmas is never quite complete without the traditional stocking stuffers.

Christmas stockings have been around for centuries, and they’re the “bonus” that many kids – and adults! – look for on Christmas morning. Customs vary from country to country, for example, in many Asian countries it is still customary to give your friends and loved ones apples, which have been lovingly and creatively decorated and wrapped in pretty, colourful paper. Love that! And in Mexico, the Christmas piñata is still practised, with toys and candies abound.

We still prefer the stocking, and filling it can seem like a challenge… Until you check out Candy Funhouse’s Best Stocking Stuffer ideas for Christmas! Here are the top 12 ideas for what to put in your stockings this year:


1. Cosmetics

Not just for teens, but for moms and dads too! A specialty shaving kit for dad, a fancy night cream for mom, a new special sparkly nail polish for sis, and how about a fun little soap set for the toddler?

2. Socks, of course!

A stocking wouldn’t be quite the same without some new fun socks! Wrap them separately and make them UNmatchable… Because, who says socks have to match? Give each one of your kids a sock that doesn’t match, and let them figure it out!

3. Favourite fruit

Add their favourite fruit – like a mango, a passion fruit, kiwi, or something different from abroad they may never have tried, like a lychee fruit, a pomegranate, or a star fruit. It’ll make for fun conversation too! Fruit has been stuffed into a Christmas stocking for AGES, why stop now?

4. Jewelry

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but even the smallest token of jewelry makes everyone smile! Like a button pin, different kind of earrings they’d never buy for themselves, cufflinks for the guys, or a cute little pendant.

5. Hair stuff

We all need these, and we all run out of these – especially if you like doing ‘stuff’ with your hair! How about a new hairbrush, clips, and new fancy hair elastics?

6. Cards

That’s “playing cards” for you! There are tons that are even sold at the local dollar store with different pictures on them, from Barbie to My Little Pony, Star Wars to the all-popular Yoda.

7. Eco items

With the eco-craze going on right now, and since we’re all trying to avoid plastics, how about adding some paper straws to your stockings? There’s also traveling cutlery sets, and reusable collapsible cups. Help out Mother Earth this Christmas too!

8. Pet items

They probably won’t get their own stocking, so why not add one item per stocking for each of the family members? This way, they can give it to Spot or Fluffy themselves: Like a specialty dog biscuit, a dog brush, or a new cat toy.

9. Toothbrush

This one deserves its own mention, as we really should be changing our toothbrush more often folks! Christmas time is the perfect time to invest in a new toothbrush for each family member. Goodbye germs, hello sparkly teeth!

10. A new subscription

There are so many great magazines being published out there, and something for everyone! Get them a copy of it, roll it up, and subscribe them to the latest online edition! We all need less time on our iPhones, and more time off to unplug. Plus, a subscription is the gift that keeps on giving year 'round!

11. Handmade IOUs

This is one of our favourites, because it’s made by YOU! Create a little set of “IOUs” that they can redeem on a once-per-month basis: Redeem for a kitchen chore, a bathroom cleanup, raking the garden, or even for a kiss! The possibilities are endless, and these IOUs can make for the best gifts of all. Get creative! You know what they’ll love! Whether working IOUs, romantic IOUs, funny IOUs, they're such a lovely gift to receive (and fun to make!).


Of course we had to make this our BEST Christmas stocking stuffer idea of all time! Here are some of our favourites for this year:


PEZ Star Wars Mandalorian Twin Pack Gift Set

They’ll go crazy over it this year! It’s hot, it’s IN, and it’s SWEET!

Coal Mine Gum Bag

Bring back the laughter with a blast from the past! These retro bubble gums are juicy, flavourful, and so fun!

Oreo Gingerbread Cookies

Perfect for the Holidays… and they’re sooo good!

Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Surprise Eggs

Who doesn’t love Mickey? Made in Italy, with a specialty toy inside.

M&Ms White Chocolate Cheesecake

What? Did someone say “cheesecake”? YESSS! Quick, gift one to everyone in your family this Christmas!

PEZ dispensers

Collect them all! Or give one to each child and family member. They are collectibles, you know?


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

This is a classic, and one which you can even hide in between branches of the tree!

Needless to say, stockings may not be in your tradition, and they may not even be something you fancy, and that’s okay too! There is always a different kind of sweet treat you can give that special someone. Like this GIANT Kisses milk chocolate candy!


At Candy Funhouse, we have the best collection of Christmas candy, candy canes, specialty chocolates, gifts and more to make this a super sweet and super special Christmas. Order online now so you can be done with your Holiday shopping, and on to wrapping!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Which Christmas specialty candy would YOU like to see in your stocking this year? Leave us a comment below:

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