Become Perfectly Charming With Charms Blow Pop

Become Perfectly Charming With Charms Blow Pop

Double the Charm with Charms Blow Pop

Double the charm with Charms Blow Pop Retro Candy

Two treats in one! How charming Sweeties! Charms Blow Pop are one of our favourite retro candies with their bubble gum center surrounded by a sweet candy shell coming in a multitude of mouthwatering flavours. One has a hard time resisting such dual deliciousness!

This Retro Candy was invented in 1969

This retro lollipop was made popular by the Charms Company. The invention of these sweet treats owe credit to Ross Cameron, Walter Reid, and Vince Ciccone.
Three sweet minds behind this special lollipop! The Charms Blow Pop made it's debut in 1973, but was first patented in 1969. Upon it's release this lollipop became the Charms Candy number one selling product of all time! 
Assorted Charms Squares Retro Candy
The Charms Company was started in 1912 by Walter J. Reid Jr. The company was originally called Tropical Charms which was named after a square shaped wrapped hard candy called Assorted Charms Candy which was one of the very first candies that was individually wrapped. In 1988, the Charms Candy Company was sold to Tootsie Roll Industries.
Tootsie Roll Pop Retro Candy
With the edition of Blow Pop, they began to add their old fashioned candy,Tootsie Roll, to the pops. Tootsie Roll became the largest lollipop manufacturer in the world! In the sweet world of candy, we were blown away! Charms Blow Pop exploded onto the candy scene and things would never be the same.

Charms Blow Pop are an Original

When the Charms Blow Pop lollipops were first introduced the world had never experienced another lollipop quite like it. This lollipop was surely original and unique, as it required you to first patiently enjoy the candy shell before you could even think about delving into it's chewy bubblegum center. Eating a Charms Blow Pop can take some time. Unless you wait until the candy portion of the lollipop is thin enough to bite right into it and mixing it's sweet candy shards with the bubble gum. This makes it much harder to blow bubbles with. 

Brief History of Lollipops

Lollipops have been a quintessential part of the candy world ever since ancient times. We think of them as an old fashioned and nostalgic candy, but their  very beginning reaches farther back than you might think. Many archaeologists believe that the ancient Arabs, Egyptians and Chinese cultures all had some form of a lollipop. Many of the very first forms of candy would have been made with fruits and nuts and of course honey. Their candies would not have been hard like they are produced today. Archaeologists believe that their forms of candies would have been much softer and therefore would have left their hands very sticky. I imagine the idea of lollipops were partially to become a more convenient way and less messy way of enjoying their sweets. I bet whoever thought of the very first lollipop grabbed a twig or a branch, and stuck their big wad of their honey infused candy on the end of the stick. After catching on to a few people at a the time, the word probably spread that this was the easiest way to enjoy their ancient, sweet and sticky concoctions.
Here in North America the Lollipop seems to have been enjoyed forever. Some historians believe that the idea of lollipops took off especially during the civil war making them a very convenient and fast way for soldiers to build up their energy levels. But a man by the name of George Smith, coming from New Haven Connecticut, claims that he was the very first inventor of the lollipop. George Smith says that his invention of the lollipop was even named after his favorite race horse who happened to have the name of "Lolly Pop". He actually trade marked the name in 1931, and because of his trade marked name and the whole idea of lollipops, there began a huge movement from the candy industry of companies buying machines to make these lollipops.
  Soon after George Smith announced his invention, many other people started to step forward claiming that lollipops were originally their idea. This also happened during the boom of the lollipop machines, when people tried to credit themselves to the whole idea of  even the lollipop machines. However ,the very first lollipop machine was produced by the Racine Confectionery Machine Company. This was the actual machine that did most of work putting the candy on the lollipop sticks. This machine produced a whopping 2,400 lollipops per hour.
 Another very famous lollipop machine was invented by a Russian Immigrant named Samuel Born. Samuel  named his lollipop machine " The Born Sucker Machine". The name is right to the point, isn't it? I wonder if a lollipop battle ever took place between Samuel Born and George Smith, I imagine them using their lollipops as some sort of swords against each other. Although I never found any research that indicated this, it was just my own thought. Even in the business world of candy things aren't always necessarily sweet! 
 Wherever the lollipop came from, and who invented which machine first, we all seem to love this old fashioned candy treat. It is rather convenient to eat and given that lollipops come in such a huge variety of flavors there is sure to be a flavor for every candy lover to enjoy. Not only do they come in many flavors, but also a multitude of different shapes and sizes. Some we just eagerly await for our teeth to crunch through, while other lollipops are the types you'll want to savor and take your time enjoying. Lollipops are certainly a diverse candy, offering us many different brands and varieties, but we must say that the good old fashioned Charms Blow Pops have to be the number one choice. Two treats in one, now who wants to skip that?

A Sweet Selection of Charms Blow Pops

Charms Blow Pop Retro Candy

 At Candy Funhouse we just couldn't survive that afternoon lull without having our daily Charms Blow Pop. It saves us from opening up a pack of bubble gum too! We carry a selection of Charms Blow Pop including Super Candy Corn, Bursting Berry, Kiwi Berry Blast, What A Melon, Cherry, Sour Apple, Black Cherry, Cherry Ice, Blue Razz Berry and Black Ice. Every flavor is just bursting with intense taste, you most definitely will be charmed!
If you think that variety is the spice of life than this old fashion candy, Charms Blow Pop, are especially for you. A lollipop to savor or crunch right away, that's all up to you to decide, well that and the flavour!

Give a Charms Blow Pop as a Random Act of Kindness

Become perfectly charming and share some Charms Blow Pop with your friends. It'll make someones day even happier and it's all about the sweet power of persuasion. 

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