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5 Halloween Costume Ideas Using Candy!

Coordinate Your Halloween Costumes with Candy!

As Halloween creeps closer, we’re forced to scramble to find the perfect costumes for the eerie evening. If you’re a last-minute shopper (like most of us) we’re happy to let you know that Candyologists have assembled a list of candies you can use to create the most accurate costumes that’ll help you stand out!

Try these combos out during an upcoming Halloween party and even give you a chance to win “best costume” of the night!

1. The Addams Family x Haribo Vampire/Dutch Licorice Cats

Addams Family - The Addams FamilyHaribo - Haribo Gummies - Haribo Gummy - Haribo Vampire Bats - Haribo Vampire Gummies - Haribo Vampire Bats Gummies

Get the whole gang in on the fun when you dress up as the Addams Family. Whether you go as Wednesday, Morticia or Gomez Addams, you can really get in the Halloween spirit with Haribo Vampire Bats or Gustaf’s Licorice Cats.

These Halloween themed candies are the perfect addition to your spooky costumes, or even as delicious party favors for your Halloween parties. Don’t worry, if you feel like your costume isn’t entirely complete, you can include Wack-O-Wax Fangs to your getting-ready routine and really stand out Halloween night!

2. Super Mario x Super Mario Oreos/Haribo Super Mario GummiesSuper MarioSuper Mario Oreo - Super Mario Oreos - Oreos - Oreo

Channel your inner Super Mario brother with the help of Super Mario Oreos and Haribo Super Mario Gummies! Whether you and a buddy are going dressed as Mario & Luigi, or you’re planning to throw a Super Mario themed party, these tasty snacks will totally be the talk of the party.

A fun way to incorporate these treats into your costume is by walking door to door and handing them out to the houses you trick-or-treat at – almost like a reverse trick-or-treat! This will definitely will make your Halloween night super memorable!

3. Minions x Millions/Minions Banana/Minions Gummies

Minions - Minions MovieMinions - Minions Banana - Minions Banana Gummy

It’s no secret that Minions have taken over the Halloween season, with kids and adults alike dressing up as these lovable yellow characters.

If you want to really go all out with the costume, you can enjoy Millions Minions Banana and Minions Gummies while you’re getting ready for a spooky evening.

Take a few bites of these sensational yellow candies and you might even start talking like these cute henchmen!

4. Barbie x Suitcase/Fan/Lollipop 

Barbie - Barbie LogoBarbie - Barbie Candy - Barbie Themed Candy - Barbie Fan - Barbie Candy Fan

Make your Barbie fantasies into reality when you add Barbie themed candy toys to your spectacular costumes! From the Barbie suitcase, candy fan and lollipop, you can stroll around your neighbourhood with all the essentials to make this Halloween extra sweet!

Whether you’re recreating the roller blading costume from the Barbie movie, or want to go as a Barbie Princess, you can add the perfect touch with these Barbie candy toys!

5. Harry Potter x Harry Pez/Harry Potter chocolate

Harry Potter - Harry Potter PosterHarry Potter - Harry Potter Pez Dispenser - Harry Potter CandyHarry Potter - Harry Potter Pez - Harry Potter Pez Dispenser - Harry Potter Candy - Ron Weasley Candy - Ron Weasley Pez

Yer a wizard, Harry! Step into the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter with the addition of these tasty treats. This Halloween season complete your costume when you add a sweet Harry Potter themed Pez or a pack of chocolate magical Hogwarts creatures.

These candies are also the perfect treat for any Harry Potter themed parties that need a sweet Potter twist! Dive into a bowl filled with treats straight from the fantastical world of Hogwarts.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you don’t even need Halloween as an excuse to indulge in the sweets. Make every day a Potter-inspired candy celebration!!

Make this Halloween one to remember by coming up with the most unique costume ideas when you incorporate candy accessories into your spooktacular look!

Would you try any of the costume ideas listed above? Does adding candy accessories to your costume sound appealing, or would you rather just snack on it?

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