40th Birthday Party Ideas for Every Type of Guy [60+ Creative Ideas]

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Every Type of Guy [60+ Creative Ideas]

A 40th birthday is a huge milestone and the celebration should reflect that. The last 39 may have been a blur, so make this one count!

How can you really be sure your guy will enjoy his party? Easy - throw a birthday party that suits his personality.

Whether you're planning a party for your husband, your boyfriend, a family member or best bud, making the party about the birthday boy is the most important thing.

That’s where this guide comes in. At Candy Funhouse, we've scoured the web for the best birthday party ideas out there and organized them by personality type – how handy is that! 

Each personality type has a brief description to help you identify your birthday boy. These descriptions include insights into what makes certain personalities tick and what they hate, which will definitely help you plan the perfect party for your special someone.

You’re guaranteed to find suggestions that will make any kind of guy happy.

Ready to get the party started? Let’s get to the festivities.



Plan a Perfect 40th For A Guy Who Enjoys The Extravagant Life

I am: A man of the world. I enjoy the finer things in life - expensive wine, nice wristwatches, and fancy cars. People know immediately upon meeting me that I am a man of refinement. My inspiration comes from Cary Grant, Dean Martin, Jay Gatsby, and other old-school top dogs.

My priority: Showing off my superior taste.

I hate it when: I'm forced to hang out in dirty, cheap, or inferior environments.

Ballers want to experience the best of everything, with no expense spared. Hopefully, your 40th celebration has a BIG budget! Think champagne, filet mignon, and ostentatious displays of finery and generosity.

  1. Enjoy a Classy Spirits Tasting Party

  2. Rent the Most Luxurious Properties on AirBnB - USAWorldwide​​​

  3. Hire a Performer Like Adele, Drake, or Justin Bieber to Sing at Your Party

  4. Book a Private Jet - To Anywhere You Want!

  5. Order an Insane Cake

  6. Stock Up on Champagne

  7. Feed His Ego with a Personalized Bust

40th Birthday Ideas for Artistic and Creative Guys

I am: A unique and colourful renaissance man. I love doing things my own way and I live a very do-it-yourself lifestyle. Whether it's music, painting, theatre, a new business, or home improvement, I'm always creating something new. I love spending time on my projects and making the world a better place.

My priority: I want to get my hands dirty and add my own spin to life!

I hate it when: Everything's homogeneous and store-bought.

To please a creative guy, make him feel appreciated for the kooky flair he adds to your life. Nourish his creativity with outdoor concerts, public theatre performances, and interesting and exotic food and drink.

  1. Upgrade Their Workspace into a Studio That Picasso Would Envy

  2. 2D Drawing is So Old School: Give Your Artist the Ability to Draw in 3D!

  3. Try a DIY T-Shirt Printing Kit

  4. Inspire His Creativity through Play with an Architecture Lego Kit

  5. Grab Some Popcorn and Enjoy an Artistic Documentary

  6. Throw on Some Blindfolds and Try to Draw Each Other! Up the Ante by Turning It Into a Drinking Game

  7. Create a One-of-a-Kind Birthday Portrait Using Pushpins

  8. Birthday Cakes Are Too Predictable: Try These Instead! ​​​​​​​

  9. Every Serious Artist Needs a Sketchbook: Here are some Hand-picked Options

  10. Give Them a Membership to a Local Art Gallery or Open the Doors of Top Museums Worldwide

Party Ideas for Your Husband or Family Guy

I am: A family man through and through. When I'm not working to support my family, you'll find me wrestling with my kids or planning fun-filled family outings. I also love spending time with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by my loved ones and enjoying our family traditions together.

My priority: I want to invest in my loved ones.

I hate it when: My family is having fun without me!

A family man is easy to please - just invite all the relatives over and be sure to have lots of delicious homemade food available. This type also loves family-oriented outings like zoo trips, amusement parks, and mini-golf.

  1. Enjoy a Reverse Scavenger Hunt: Dad Relaxes and the Kids Do the Hunting!

  2. Make Your Birthday a Family Game Night for the Ages

  3. Host Family Get-Together on a Budget

  4. Enjoy These 50 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks With Your Kids

  5. Host a Crowd-Pleasing Taco Bar Party

  6. 36 Genius Gifts For The Dad Who Says He Doesn't Want Anything

  7. Melt His Heart with a 40th Birthday Collage

Spot-On Party Ideas for the Geeks and Gamers in Your Life

I am: The biggest nerd you know. Whether it's Game of Thrones, Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, or Lord of the Rings, I know way more about it than anyone would ever need to. I love cosplay, fantasy novels, the latest video games, and anything else that offers an adventurous escape from everyday life.

My priority: I want to enjoy the escapism of my favourite fantasy worlds.

I hate it when: My friends and family dismiss my interests.

Geeks are easy to please. They want to enjoy their latest nerd hobby with their closest buddies. They love costume parties, movie nights, and over-the-top themed parties. You may need to ask them for direction when it comes to their fandom of choice, but they'll be more than happy to provide the information you need to throw an amazing party. 

  1. He Can't Go to Westeros, So Bring It to Him With a Game of Thrones party

  2. Throw a Full-Blown Star Wars Party

  3. Buy a Collector's Star Wars Pez Set. And Stock Up on Nerds Candy and Other Favorites 

  4. Throw a Big Bang Theory Bash

  5. Buy Him a Ticket to See Celebrities From Back to the Future, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and Many Others - Toronto, Boston, San Diego

  6. Step Into Star Wars at Disney World

  7. Relive the Past with a Back To The Future Party ​​​​​

  8. Place a Happy Birthday Banner Ad Inside His Favorite Video Game

  9. How To Throw a Video Game Party

  10. Order a Techy Cake he'll Love

40th Birthday Party Inspiration for Sports Fans

I am: The ultimate superfan. It can be football, baseball, basketball, soccer - I don’t care! I live for the thrill of the game and I spend most of my time watching, playing, and talking sports. Nothing makes me happier than being at the game, a tailgating party, or just binging on sports all weekend from the comfort of my lucky chair. 

My priority: I want to cheer my favourite team, player, an athlete on! 

I hate it when: Responsibilities get in the way of sports.

Jocks want one thing - sports, sports, and more sports. Give them what they want and don’t hold back! Make them feel like a star quarterback on their 40th by surrounding them with their biggest fans and catering to their every wish. 

  1. Go-Anywhere Gym Kit Essentials

  2. See Every Freakin Game from the NFL, NHL, MLB, EPL and So Much More, When and Where You Want

  3. Gift Idea: Alpen Bike Capsule

  4. Slam Dunk Basketball Party Ideas!

  5. Sky Diving Adventures

  6. Amazing Games from the Guys at Dude Perfect! - Dizzy Sports Battle, All Sports Golf

  7. Set Sail on a Fitness Cruise

  8. Enjoy a Trip to Your Favorite Sporting Event USA / Europe

The Best Ways to Celebrate a Birthday For A Travel Loving Guy 

I am: An outdoorsy, adventurous traveller! I live for my favourite flannel, the smell of wood smoke, and a weekend spent in the great outdoors. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the No Service signal pop up on my smartphone as I travel to a new and unique locale.

My priority: I want to connect with nature and enjoy novel experiences.

I hate it when: I'm forced to follow strict schedules and spend my days indoors doing repetitive tasks.

To make a nomad happy, give him what he loves best - the outdoors! Whether you're grilling at the beach or spending a weekend at a secluded cabin on a lake, just be sure to get him outside somewhere new and he'll be on cloud nine. 

  1. Become One With Nature With Wilderness Survival Classes 

  2. Channel Your Inner Cowboy and Visit A Top Ranch Featured on Equitrekking 

  3. Upgrade Your Water Bottle to This Nomad Essential 

  4. Enjoy a High-Tech Worldwide Scavenger Hunt

  5. Travel the Wonders of The World: The Silk Road, African Safaris and the Himalayas 

  6. Go Off the Grid and Travel Anthony Bourdain Style

  7. Search for a Ziplining Park Near You

  8. Decoration Inspiration from a Camping-Themed Birthday Party 

  9. Gift Ideas: Sleeping Bag, Bug Spray,  and a BBQ Suitcase?!

Top Birthday Ideas for Guys Who Love Wild Parties and Living It Up

I am: The life of any party I attend. Whether it's screaming into a karaoke machine, taking body shots, or backflipping off the bar, you'll always find me at the centre of the action. I love to push the envelope, question the status quo, and turn up with my best friends.

My priority: I want to have FUN!

I hate it when: I'm expected to be on my best behaviour.

To throw a party animal's dream 40th, think great booze, loud music, and a crew of fun-loving friends. A pool party, house party, or bar crawl would all be great choices for this loud and crazy personality. Just be sure to have plenty of ibuprofen, bottled water, and movies on hand for the inevitable hangover the next day ;)

  1. Start with a Funny 40th Birthday Party T-Shirt from Etsy

  2. Hilarious Balloons That Say It All

  3. Book a Bus for You and 26 of Your Friends in Vegas!

  4. Go Big with a Trip to Coachella

  5. Party Right with a Beer Pong Tournament (Grab These Special Beer Pong Cups)

  6. Get Him Started with the Perfect New Hobby

  7. The Vehicle He's Always Wanted: A Motorized Cooler

Clever Birthday Party Tips for the Intellectual Guy in Your Life

I am: A lifelong learner and true academic. I love to think deeply about the big questions in life. Nothing makes me happier than delving into subjects like science, philosophy, religion, my fellow man, and life itself - whether on my own or in lengthy discourses with my friends.

My priority: To ponder the mysteries of the universe.

I hate it when: People aren't interested in my questions.

A scholar's 40th birthday party should reflect this significant milestone in his lifelong quest for knowledge. Make sure he feels appreciated for his deep insights and supported in his latest search for answers, whatever it might be. This type enjoys intimate parties with educated friends.

  1. Sign Him Up to Be on Jeopardy!

  2. Wake Him Up to a Superfood Brain-Boosting Smoothie

  3. Challenge Him With the Most Difficult Lock Puzzle in the World

  4. Sign Him Up to Become a Chess Grand Master with Living Legend Gary Kasparov

  5. Give Him a Magic Notepad that Saves Master Plans in the Cloud - Then Makes Them Disappear!

  6. Let Him Finally Control the World with the Power of His Mind

  7. Keep His Genius From Going Down The Drain with These Shower-Ready Notepads

  8. Pop a Bottle of Wine and Enjoy a Viewing Party With a Cerebral Film

  9. Boost His Ability to Focus, Learn, and Memorize with Better Sleep 

You're Ready to Party... but don't forget the treats!

There you have it a jam-packed list of birthday ideas to celebrate with your special guy. Whichever personality he fits most with, don't forget to order the gift bags and takeaways from Candy Funhouse! We also have THE BEST online candy in bulk and in regular sizes, for you to incorporate as a candy buffet! Candy is loved by everyone, and your guests will be super thankful you have it there to make the party even sweeter!

We'd be super happy to know which idea you liked the best. Please let us know in the comments below.

Wishing you all the best for your party!!

- - - -

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anu sharma

Fantastic website with great unusual ideas, seriously amazing work done by the author. Best of luck! God bless.

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Melodi Ramquist

Amazing ideas! Thank you for blogging about how to personalize it based on what the fella enjoys in life and then throwing him a party that makes sense. He’ll really enjoy the party and the effort!


Great ideas! I’ll save this for my husband’s coming birthday.

Johanna Salvador
Johanna Salvador

I love the party ideas of the Jock Guy for my hubby next 40th Birthday Party!

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Marcio Santos

Hahaa nice, there are some pretty neat ideas here. I like the airbnb destinations and that free chess class sounds interesting too. Oh the AllSport Golf is an instant classic.

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