100 Grand...Now That's Rich

100 Grand...Now That's Rich

100 Grand...Now That's Rich

100 Grand-Now That's Rich CandyFunhouse.ca Candy Blog


The 100 Grand, can you think of a richer name for a bar? Sounds rich to me! This Nestle Chocolate Candy Bar is extremely rich in flavour and super filling. No lightweight weak chocolate bar here, more of a meal than a light snack :)

The bar started in 1966, first called the $100000 Bar until around 1985 or so. The original idea to name the chocolate bar was after a very short lived prime time game show called 100 Grand which aired for 3 weeks in 1963. Also the game show The Big Surprise was an influence as game shows at the time were offering better prizes and as a grand prize contestants would try for you guessed it...100 Grand! The main reason behind the name change by Nestle was a difficulty in trademarking $100000, seems like calling it 100 Grand would be easier to trademark and thus easier to brand the bar itself.

Over time the look of the packaging has generally stayed the same except of course the name change. Starting briefly as a one piece bar, it has for years been a 2 piece so to share with a friend and it has still kept that format and for good reason as its Soooo filling!

Super easy to spot on the shelf. The Nestle brand has produced the 100 Grand Candy Bar with bright red packaging, white lettering with gold and black trim.

100 Grand-Now That's Rich-American Chocolate Candy Bar-Candy Blog

Opening it up reveals a super rich treat, real chocolate coated rice crisps and ooey gooey caramel. Yes real chocolate in this baby :) Taking a bite and you will love it. The caramel is of an extremely chewy nature but very enjoyable and this bar sure has a lot of caramel. Compared to others you would be hard pressed in finding a bar with this much caramel stuffed in. This is why the bar is very filling and split into two due to the fact that you might want to save the rest for later!

As with other bars I've discussed, it's quite surprising that the 100 Grand Candy Bar hasn't crossed our Canadian borders. Nestle has brought many bars over but is holding out on its big money bar.
Thanks once again though to the CandyFunhouse.ca. We caramel loving Canadians can order and enjoy chewiness in all its glory. After having one, I actually want another. What can I say, people gotta eat :)

Again it's time for the infamous candy bar rating. Super enjoyable bar, in that upper echelon for Nestle so I'm going 8 bars out of 10. Highly respectable for the rich bar! Go order one now or hey maybe a case and enjoy all that wonderful caramel.

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