10 Tasteful Candy Art Masterpieces

Mom always said not to play with your food, and the dentist always said you shouldn't eat so much candy. Fortunately, these creative artists were too stubborn to listen.

10. Candy Clothes

Candy Clothes

Candy ClotheCandy Clothes

9. Starburst Charmander - someone must have been bored during math class.

Starburst Charmander

8. Cotton Candy Art - I didn't know cotton candy could do that...

Cotton Candy Art


7. Jelly Up - clever and cute.

Jelly Up

6. Candy Shoes - would you wear these?

Candy Shoes

5. Super Mario - piecing it together.

Super Mario

4. Japanese Candy Artist makes unique and beautiful designs using candy.


unique and beautiful designs using candy.
3. Lifesize Nude Candy Sculpture - 
this would take a while to eat -- 
but  I'd still do it ;) 



2. This Guy --
(Sugar Art made by master craftsman from China):

1. Candy Kingdom -- the girls at hollywoodcandygirls.com are no strangers to candy art. Check out some of these delectable candy sculptures.

  Candy Kingdom Candy Kingdom Candy World


- iCandy

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