Zotz Fizz Power Candy Strings-Blue Raspberry-Orange-Grape

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Blue Raspberry-Orange-Grape Candy

*************One of three possible flavours picked at random*********************

Zotz Fizz Power Candy Strings is a delicious candy that instantly fizzes as it touches your tongue. Suddenly, enjoy a rush of sour candy as it interacts with your tastebuds. Zots Candy will give you energy and power like no other. Consider this a Super Candy that you must have! This 1960s Retro Candy is still fizzing today! Enjoy a fizzing sensation that will leave you craving more! Delicious fruity flavours include Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Orange.

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mu childhood

I grew up on these. they took me back. any kid who grew up with these, there just as good as they were back then.

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