Waterbridge Wine Gums Canadian Mix - 200 g

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British Candy celebrating Canada!

Oh, Canada you're in for a delicious treat!
The Waterbridge Wine Gums Canadian Mix is an
impeccable-tasting candy that you will really go "loonie" for!
It's a yummy nod to us Canadian candy lovers! 
Comes in an exciting assortment of shapes celebrating Canada.
Get ready to sink your teeth into, a tasty beaver,
some fun ice skates, a lonely canoe, a sweet loonie,
a friendly moose head, an iconic maple leaf,
and our favourite, the Canadian flag!
Made with impeccable flavours, and an amazingly
tender and chewy texture,
you simply can't afford to miss these Wine Gums!
Make it a delicious day eh,
with the Waterbridge Wine Gums Canadian Mix!
  • Gelatin-Free
  • Zero Artificial Colours
  • Zero Artificial Flavours
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

200 g


Customer Reviews

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Derek D

These seem to be an in between of the maynard's wine gums from Canada and the UK. They aren't as stiff as the UK version, and not as soft as the Canadian Maynard's version. They pack a lot of pleasant and strong taste and come in fun Canadian shapes. If you like wine gums, or gummies in general I recommend these. Just as good if not better than the other wine gums mentioned.