Waterbridge Jelly Babies - 200g

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Waterbridge Jelly Babies

A British Household Favourite

All-Natural Colours & Flavours

Waterbridge Jelly Babies are the traditional British candy you know & love! These special treats have a unique feature - each candy is lightly dusted with a white powdery starch, quirkely being reminiscent of a real baby and talcum powder. These baby-shaped candies is chewy and fun to eat! 

Made in England using only natural colours and flavours using vegetable concentrates (nettle spinach). Enjoy this health-wise treat with a peace of mind.

6 fruity flavours to indulge in:
Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Raspberry, Orange and Blackcurrant.


200 g

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Waterbridge Jelly Babies - 200g

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup (contains sulphites), Water, Beef gelatine, Corn flour, Citric acid, Natural colours, Flavouring, Vegetable concentrates (Nettle spinach).

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Customer Reviews

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D Paton

love them

Give meh jelleh behbehs or else

These petite, coloured, delicately flavoured homunculi are a delight to baby-eaters everywhere! Small parcels of glucose and gelatine, once you get past the idea of chomping down on infant-shaped candies there is happiness to be found. Both chewy and soft in tandem, these uniquely British candies don’t disappoint.

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