Waterbridge Jelly Babies - 200g

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British Candy from Waterbridge

Baby your tastebuds with the classic taste of the Waterbridge Jelly Babies. This British Candy is tender and soft and made with the perfect chewy texture.

You'll love to sink your teeth into these "babies"! They're juicy and plump and made with all-natural colours and flavours.
As you open the package, the fruity scent will make your mouth water in some very sweet anticipation. You'll chew your way through a variety of fresh and fruity flavours like Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Rasberry, Orange, and Blackcurrant. 
With each and every bite, those fantastic fruity flavours come alive, providing you with a long-lasting sweet sensation!
Don't kid around when you're hungry! Be indulged with the superb taste of Waterbridge Jelly Babies!

200 g

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D Paton

love them

Give meh jelleh behbehs or else

These petite, coloured, delicately flavoured homunculi are a delight to baby-eaters everywhere! Small parcels of glucose and gelatine, once you get past the idea of chomping down on infant-shaped candies there is happiness to be found. Both chewy and soft in tandem, these uniquely British candies don’t disappoint.