Waterbridge Dolly Mix - 200g

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Old Fashioned Candy from Waterbridge

Treat your tastebuds to some British candy bliss
with the Waterbridge Dolly Mix.
Imported from England, this candy is colourful,
chewy and bursting with sweet and fruity flavours!
Made with all-natural colours and flavours for an
authentic British Candy taste you'll always enjoy.
Contains soft and tender fondant candies and
sugar-coated jellies all in a cute and miniature size.
Be deliciously delighted with the sensational
taste of the Waterbridge Dolly Mix!

200 g

Customer Reviews

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Still the BEST!

Purchased these for our grown daughter, as she used to buy Dolly Mix from a local store a few DECADES ago which specialized in imported British products. Dolly Mix were her absolute FAVOURITE candies.
When I asked her if she wanted these, she said O.K., but they probably won't be as good as the ones she used to get... those were the BEST!
Well, the Dolly Mix that we purchased from Candy Funhouse, according to our daughter, are STILL THE BEST! Would highly recommend these for excellent quality and goodness!