Warheads Super Sour Spray Candy 1pc

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Sour Candy Spray from Warheads

Most Sour Candy!

Have a refreshing spray of something seriously sour with the Warheads Super Spray Sour Candy. 
It's fantastically bursting with an intense sourness that will make your face cringe, body quiver and tongue tingle!
This innovative Warheads Candy comes in a handy container that you just simply spray into your sour craving mouth. 
The Warheads Spray comes in the sensational sour flavours of Watermelon, Apple and Rasberry. Each bottle of this sour candy spray comes with over 100 sprays worth of an intense sour thrill!
Invigorate your day with the fierce and ferocious sour sting of the Warheads Super Spray Sour Candy!
  • *Flavours are randomly selected*