Warheads Super Sour 10-Gumballs - 2oz

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Super Sour Gum Balls from Warheads!

Take your love of sour candy to a new level with the Warheads Super Sour 10 Gumballs.

These impressive gum balls are large in size and filled with an earth-shattering sour sting! 
Coming in the fantastic Warheads flavours of Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange and Watermelon.
Can you chew your way through this sourness? Find out with the explosive sourness of the Warheads Super Sour 10 Gumballs! 


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Customer Reviews

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Julie Medeoros

This is an excellent product. It’s not over the top sour , but satisfies that need for mouth watering punchy tang. It’s different from other sour gum and candy , as there isn’t that powdery residue on the outside - it’s all inside which makes it fun to eat. Will buy again and again.

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