Valomilk Candy Cups - 2oz

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Old Fashioned Candy from 1931

All Natural Ingredients

Valomilk Candy Cups are made in Kansas City using only the finest ingredients from a 1931 recipe. The finest cocoa beans and cocoa butter from the Ivory Coast are used to make the most scrumptious milk chocolate cups. The "Creamy Flowing Center" is magically created using fresh corn syrup, pure cane sugar, distilled water, pan dried egg whites, and pure Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. A delightful treat enjoyed by candy lovers for generations!

Learn more about the Valomilk Legend

Made in USA

2 oz Pack


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Customer Reviews

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laura clemente

I decided to order these to give them a try (never heard of these or tasted them) they are awesome! sweet but not sickly sweet and great texture in your mouth! I have to order more when they are back in stock

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