Twizzlers Gummies - 7oz

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Gummies from Twizzlers!

Indulge yourself in the latest and greatest with Twizzlers Gummies! These gummies are like no other and offer two incredible-tasting fruity flavours in one candy!

Prepare to be awe-struck as you feel the chewy and supple texture and experience the flavours of Peach&Cherry, Grape&Cherry, and Lemonade&Cherry.
This gummy candy is a double whammy taste of deliciousness! Be sure to have extra on hand if you intend on sharing. Before you know it, this delicious bag will be gone!
Make it a double with the remarkable Twizzlers Gummies!

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Wemple
How could I resist?

I absolutely love red licorice and Twizzlers are my go to. They're one of my usual suspects when it comes to candy snacking. I absolutely had to try the gummis when I saw them offered on the website. Good flavour and exactly as soft and chewy as gummi candies MUST be. I had no idea Twizzlers made gummis and now I'm glad they did, while they'll never overthrow the king of gummis, Gummi bears (sorry Twizzlers), they'll definitely do. If I had to nitpick I would say the shape and size should be different. I'd like them a little smaller, just a little, and the shape just didn't say Twizzlers to me, I don't know why.

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