Trolli Sour Crunchy Crawlers - 4.25oz

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Customer Reviews

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Stephan Brassard
Not what i ordered

I ordered the original flavour, not the berry lemonade…. But hey! I’m willing to try it…. They were stiff though.
Overall they’re good but the originals are better! I hope i will have what i’ll order next time

Mercedes Pomerleau
Satisfyingly Crunchy

I really like the texture of these. I have a very high tolerance for sour candy so I wasn't expecting them to be that "sour", but they definitely have a good kick to them! The flavor combinations are also really good (my favorite is the watermelon strawberry) and the outer shell isn't too thick or thin. This is my first time trying Trolli candy and I'm very happy with the product choice I made!

Very addictive

Extremely satisfying, they’re almost like a nerds rope with the crunchy outside and chewy inside. Just the right amount of sour, amazing flavour. Definitely will buy again.

Asha C
Interestingly good!

Crisp and soft, sweet and sour!
Wasn't sure if I liked em, but I couldn't stop eating them, so interestingly good! Closest comparison would b nerds rope but much much better because I'm not really a fan of nerds ropes.
Would buy again!

Almost perfect

I love the flavour but the coating is a bit much for me, if it was a bit thinner I think the candies would be perfect.