Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry - 40pcs

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Let the Sour Sting Last Longer with Every Chew!

It's a flavour explosion with Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry!

Now these mischievous little kids have found their way into Trident gum, which means a fun and flavourful chew and, of course, good vibes only!

This Trident Gum echoes the playful taste sensation of the Sour Patch Kids Candy. It's coated with a thin, crunchy candy shell and filled with a sour than sweet taste. Each bite is bursting with a juicy blue raspberry flavour that is more than vibrant!

What are you waiting for? Get into the playful spirit of the Sour patch Kids and the zesty, long-lasting flavour of Trident!

Have a burst of fun in your day with the Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry! 

Contains: Soy, Aspartame, Phenylalanine.


Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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D. B.
This gum was sour then sweet!

This gum would start out sour then change to nice & tasty, it also was a long lasting chew.