Tart N Tiny Candy - 43g

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This Classic Retro Candy is Back!

Originally a part of the Willy Wonka Candy Line

Once upon a time in Candy land, there was a delicious candy that went by the name of Tart N' Tiny. 

These cute little candies were part of the magical Wonka Candy Brand. The Tart N' Tiny candies were introduced in the 1970s and were joyfully consumed by many, the hippies, the disco lovers and even the polyester bell bottom-wearing people.
Until one day these little tiny gems of happiness were sadly discontinued. The fans tried to find a suitable dupe for this candy but unfortunately, no other candy could compare to the Tart N' Tiny Candies!
However, some decades later after many long years of the candy craver's yearning, low and behold these babies are back! 
The Tart N'Tiny Candy are small pellet-like, colourful candies that you just can't help to pop in your mouth! Chew them and feel that sweet crumble of pure tangy flavour! Comes in the fun flavours of Grape, Lemon, Orange, Cherry and Lime.
The moral of this candy tale is to never give up hope (especially in candy) and live happily ever after consuming the delightful taste of the Tart N' Tiny Candy!
  • Made in Canada
  • Kosher

1.5 oz Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ron Klatt
Love Tart N Tiny

I remember these as a kid. Loved them then & love them now!

Dana Ruprecht
So Glad They’re Back!

I had almost forgotten about these tiny, sour little candies! They taste even better than I remember. 💜💛💚💗

Kim Hickey

Need a bigger bag of it.

Andrea Craig

These are still one of the best tart candies out there. I just wish there were a bigger bag up for purchase.

Sarah Eddenden
So tart

Super tart and tasty!!

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