Doritos Minis Nacho Canister - 5.125oz

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 Nachos from Doritos!

These are "nacho" regular, boring chips. The Doritos Minis Nacho Canister is exploding with excitement!

Turn up the taste with these Doritos. These mini bite-sized chips are deliciously loaded with impeccable flavours.
Bold and savoury with hints of onion and garlic and a big hit of cheese flavours. Made with that corn chip texture and that famous Doritos vigorous crunch!
Upon opening the lid, we inhale all the goodness of the iconic Nacho flavour. They might be smaller in size, but we swear the taste is more intense. The canister locks in the freshness and flavour. No broken chips to contend with, and it makes it easier to eat every last crumb.
Every chip is equally coated, so you get equal flavour distribution in every bite. We started out with little bites in the beginning, and before we knew it, we were licking off our newly red fingertips before we got to the next mouthful! 
At the end of our tasting, we must admit that we wanted more. These are hands down deliciously satisfying, and we couldn't wait to have more.
Definitely "nacho" average snack. This flavour beckons for a next time!
Be exceptional in your snacking with the remarkable Doritos Mini Nacho Canister!


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Guy Lariviere

Hi the first time i had then they where great but this time i can say i have not got my order i place there seem to a bug with shipping.