Doritos Minis Cool Ranch Canister - 5.125oz

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 Be Cool with Doritos!

We know you're as cool as a cucumber, but be even cooler with the Doritos Minis Cool Ranch Canister.

These bite-sized Doritos chips are made to ignite your tastebuds. They might be smaller, but somehow, the taste is bigger!
Crunchy and fresh, these Doritos are beyond bold. Filled with the flavours of onion, garlic, and tomato and a big hit of tanginess.
As we dive into this Cool Ranch excursion, we love the canister. If we don't finish them all, and that's a big "if," we can easily save some for later. The inviting scent makes our mouths water. These mini triangle-shaped corn chips are notably crisp and incredibly crunchy. 
Intense and savoury, the taste is really bold. Sharing is out of the question as we have eagerly enjoyed every last bit, crumbs included!
Cool Ranch has never been so captivating, so intrinsically satisfying.
Up your cool factor with the Doritos Minis Cool Ranch Canister! 


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