Swedish Fish Mini Tropical Candy - 141 g

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Swedish Fish from the Tropicals

We know there are plenty of fish in the sea, but these fish are a real catch! The Swedish Fish Mini Tropical candy are mini-sized chewy fish candies that will splash your tastebuds with a distinctive tropical flavour! Get ready to experience the Tropics like never before! This American Candy comes in the vibrant flavours of  Pina Colada, Beachy Punch, Tropical Island and Passion Fruit. These are the fish you want to swim with!
  • The #1 Fish Shaped Candy in the world
  • Sweetest tasting fish in the sea
  • Soft and Chewy
  • Fat-Free

Sweet Fact: Swedish Fish are the #1 Fish Shaped Candy in the World

141 g

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Customer Reviews

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Mich Verrier
mmm sweedish fish!!!!

I really enjoyed the sweedish fish. maybe I will get some gummy werms next time to catch the sweedish fish!!!

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