Starburst Original Fruit Chews Candy - 2.07oz

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This Starburst Candy is an original.

Dazzle yourself with pure deliciousness with the remarkable taste of the famous Starburst Original Candy!

This luscious Starburst Candy is individually wrapped so you can eat some now and save some for later, or share it with your bestie if you're so inclined!
Filled with the brilliant and fruity tastes of Cherry, Orange, Strawberry and Lemon. Simply unwrap this retro candy to be swept away in a fruit-induced fantasy!
Starburst Candy has been loved since 1979, it remains a staple candy for us candy lovers and is consumed worldwide!
Famous for its "unexplainably juicy" flavour, its aroma is mouthwatering and its chewy texture is ultimately satisfying!
Always be sensationally satisfied with the exquisiteness of Starburst Original!

2.07 oz.