Maynards Candy Sour Patch Kids Mango - 185g

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Mango Flavour from Maynards Candy

A fun and flavourful Canadian Candy with the tropical taste of Mango! Maynards Sour Patch Kids Mango Candy will have you tasting their sour zing first and then subside into a satisfying sweetness. This flavoursome Maynards Candy offers the perfect texture of soft and chewy and is coated with a puckery sugar that you might have to enjoy from your fingertips! Enjoy this exceptional tropical twist with Maynards Sour Patch Kids Mango Candy!

Maynards Candy is Canada's #1 Candy Brand

185 g

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Overall experience

Ordered the Maynards sour patch kids Mango, it was vary good. Not only that, the packaging and pickup was fast and vary welcoming. Thank you Candyfunhouse, will be ordering more.

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