Skor - 39g

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The Canadian Skor Bar

"Skor" big against your hunger with the epic taste of the Skor Bar!

Filled with a golden slab of crunchy and buttery toffee that is generously covered in a rich and creamy coating of milk chocolate!
With both a creamy and crunchy texture, Skor is a delectable choice that always satisfies.
Introduced in 1983, Skor is an iconic Canadian chocolate bar that is lovingly devoured to this day.
Keep on "Skoring" with the impeccable taste of the Skor Bar!
  • A Retro Candy Bar
  • Made in Canada
  • Hershey Canada

1.4 oz

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Tara Semperger

I first bought one box to keep in the fridge for work lunches, and then purchased another 2 boxes to bring into work for a valentine's treat for the staff. They went pretty quickly.