Skittles All Lime Limited Edition Share Size - 1.76oz

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 Limited Edition Skittles Candy

Dive into a bright and citrusy taste of tanginess with the Skittles All Lime Limited Edition Share Size!

These yummy Skittles are filled with a sweet and tangy fresh burst of lime flavours. Get ready to thrill your bestie with this citrusy delight, these yummy candies are definitely made for sharing.
Bright, bold and made with incredible taste, the Skittles All Lime are a limited edition candy don't miss out on this "sub-lime" tasting candy!
Put your tastebuds in the limelight and indulge in the Skittles All Lime Limited Edition Share Size! 

1.76oz (49.9g)

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Greene
Love For Lime;

These Skittles were grand and there was desire for more as the bag became empty! Will order again for sure, a great laugh when there were still about six "flavours" on the back all in green, cute.

Marilyn Holmes

The service was promp and efficient. I am excited to share these rare skittles with my grandchildren on Christmas day. Hoping they will enjoy receiving