Skipper's Pipes Licorice Candy - 16 pcs

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Skipper's Black Licorice Pipes

Retro Candy from the 1930's

Skipper's Pipes are the original licorice pipes from the 1930's. The delicious licorice candy that comes in a beautiful gift box. A true favourite of licorice lovers around the nation.

On the beautiful package it states:

"Since the early nineteen thirties, the delicious liquorice pipe has been the Skipper's steady companion on the long journeys on the seven seas. Every time the ship is in a friendly port the Skipper makes sure to pile up with enough Skipper's Pipes so the crew can make their journey without worrying about running out of their favourite companion."

Be like Skipper and grab a box of licorice pipes today!

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16 CT | 272 g

Also available in a bigger size! Click here for Skipper's Pipes Licorice Candy 125 pcs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Archie McKinlay
Licorice pipes

Very good. Great product.

Vicki Bowden
These are amazing

I have ordered these numerous times. Always fresh and delicious. They are usually hard to find. My favourite!

John Crozier
Love licorice

These are great, texture and taste are excellent, I'll keep buying them when in stock

Bonny Lambert

Husband said they were just like he remembered although a bit more plasticy tasting

William Lawson

They are very good licorice fresh like the old time original stuff taste great.