Reese's Outrageous King Size - 2.95oz

Sale price$4.99 CAD


An Outrageous Candy Bar from Reeses

Double your delicious pleasure with the Outrageously iconic taste of the
Reese's Outrageous!
Melding together in this impressive American chocolate bar is that famous Reese's creamy peanut butter, bountiful strands of golden caramel, and bits of mouthwatering pieces of crunchy Reese's Pieces!
You'll be shocked and awed when this hits your hungry tastebuds! This candy bar is dazzlingly delectable!
Indulge in the mindblowing, exquisite taste of Reese's Outrageous!


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Customer Reviews

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Nat D
So Delicious!!

When these first came out I could find them anywhere in Canada, but then they stopped selling them, which was a bummer because they were my favorite. When I saw that candy funhouse had them and the king sized version I had to jump on it!! These are seriously good and are a cool take on the Reese’s we all know and love! These are 11/10!!

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