Razzles Sour Candy - 1.4 oz.

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Retro Candy & Bubble Gum

First, it's candy... then it's gum!  

While you could try the Razzles Original Candy or the Razzles Tropical Candy, Enjoy Sour candy with Razzles Sour Candy! Sour flavours include Lemon, Cherry, Lime, Orange & Blue Raspberry. Get ready to pucker up and be taken on a sweet, yet sour journey with delicious Razzles Sour Candy. This Sour Candy provides the ultimate surprise. Start off enjoying hard sweet candy, then transforms into Bubble Gum! This 1960s Retro Candy provides a 2-1 experience for any candy lover to enjoy. How much fun is that?!

1.4 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Sandi Butterworth
Sour razzlers

Just like they were when I was a kid!!!! Great!

Liz Schering

Razzles Sour

Debbie K-
Sour Razzles Rock!!!

I have always loved these, start out like a candy and turn into gum, so happy to find these at this shop!! Exactly like they were back in the day!!