Rap Snacks Snoop Dogg O.G. Bar-B-Que Cheddar - 2.5oz

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Rap Snacks Potato Chips

Snoop Dogg O.G. Bar-B-Que Cheddar

We know you're "Young, Wild And Free" but are you hungry?
Find some serious snacking satisfaction with
Rap Snacks Snoop Dog O.G. Bar-B-Que Cheddar Chips.
These potato chips are seasoned to perfection.
Made with the bold and smokey flavours of barbeque
with a hint of tangy-tasting cheddar cheese. 
Every chip is fresh, superbly crunchy and will have you
dumping the crumbs right into your mouth!
Made alongside the Icon, Snoop Dogg,
these chips did not come to play!!!
Drop your hunger with Rap Snacks O.G. Bar-B-Que Cheddar!

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