Raindrops Mini Gummy Taco - 1.8oz

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Raindrops Mini Gummy Tacos

The Raindrops Edible Adventure is all about sharing and entertainment.

Taste the sweetest Mexican fiesta with the Raindrops Candy Taco! An ideal candy to eat after taco night for a dessert! This yummy taco comes in a cardboard shell and is made with 23 different candies! With a variety of colourful gummy candy and licorice candy, this is one irresistibly sweet taco! 
  • Soft Gummy Candy Mix
  • Fruit Flavoured Gummy Candy
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Candy Taco Filled With Gummy Candy, Licorice and Soft Candies
  • Comes wrapped in a cardboard shell that looks like a taco shell on the outside and a shiny foil on the inside
  • The perfect dessert for your next Taco Party!
  • No need to heat, ready to serve as is.


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